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Summary: About Anthropologists
Anthropologists and Archaeologists

I looked up a couple articles from the Internet about stories of anthropologists and archaeologists doing some investigations. I was about whether or not Stonehenge was built by the Swiss, and the other one was about "Human or ape"" The first article really interested me a lot because, when you hear "Stonehenge" you think of England. But I read it and it was about some archaeologists studying the area of Stonehenge, and found that someone maybe from modern Switzerland could have played an important part in building Stonehenge. They search within 3 miles of Stonehenge and found a grave. Which happened to be one of the oldest and richest grave in Britain, about 2,300 years BC.

I think that when it comes to informational knowledge, like this article. Archaeologist should be able to dig around, investigate, and in depth studying to find artifacts from the past. When they found that Swiss could have built Stonehenge, archaeologist started to be suspicious. That's only natural for them to be doubtful.

The other article was on French paleontologist Michel Bruntet. Him and an international team, found an ancient skull in northern Chad. It was found to be 6 - 7 millions years old. They thought that the skull was a human at first, but then it was proven that it wasn't a part of the human family tree. Milford Wolpoff established by scars left on the fossilized bones. Wolpoff concluded that Toumia (the skull nickname) didn't walk on two legs, but on four. Other scientists study Toumia, and discovered some unique features, to whether or not it's a human or ape. Toumia is to be the oldest human-like fossil found to date.

The theory behind all of these is maybe they are true, or maybe they all a lies. But that's what makes it interesting. You get to read and see, and learn about all kinds of different thoughts and theories. If we didn't have these people that are involved into these job fields. Than we wouldn't know anything about where we came from, how we lived, how did we died, eat, and live. So to me, letting archaeologist and anthropologist study human remain is acceptable.

This section contains 364 words
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