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The Rules of Society

Summary: Are rules needed in society?
    Rules in society are meant to help the society prosper. After time, all rules in society come to the point where they no longer do any good. For this reason, rules in society are not needed because they separate people, control the thoughts and feelings of people, and are hard to right the wrongs.

The first reason why rules in society are not needed is because they separate people when they should be uniting a society. One way this is done is through the rules themselves. For example, a society rule that men should be the workers and woman the homemakers does nothing but isolate men from woman. Another way this is done is by isolating the people against a society rule. When Puritans went against the society rule that Catholicism was the only true religion, they were banished from places. Yet another way society rules separate people is by isolating people who don't live up to a rule.

    Another negative effect of society rules is these rules control the thought processes of people. One example is how teenagers are constantly worried about society's rules for and about them. Another example is how class often controls self-worth in direct effect of society rules about class. Besides these two, the people on the other side of the rules are also affected. People who benefit from society's rules often become selfish, greedy, or snobby.

    Furthermore, when these wrongs are recognized they are hard to change. This is true because of the stigma people encounter when trying to initially voice a concern about a society rule. When this stigma doesn't stop the person, it is hard to get others to join a fight against a society rule because of the additional stigma they encounter. Finally, when a movement to change a society rule is in motion, the rule doesn't change until many years or decades later.

    Altogether, society rules are not needed because they isolate and encourage groupings, dictate the lives of people, and are set in stone.   These rules were once good rules. However, society rules do not evolve with the society. They become useless and a rough spot in what could have otherwise been a great society. Without society rules people could unite into a true society.

This section contains 391 words
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