Student Essay on Even though the word "crucible" isn't mentioned...

Even though the word "crucible" isn't mentioned... by Arthur Miller

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The Crucible

In the story The Crucible, the word crucible is never mentioned.  Even though crucible isn't mentioned, it pertains to the story in many ways.  Crucible means a severe test of endurance or character such as a trial.  The story The Crucible is all about tests of endurance and character.  It is shown through the characters John Proctor, Giles Corey, and Rebecca Nurse.

    The word crucible pertains to John Proctor because he is one of the main characters and has a major test of character.  When John Proctor is given a choice to die, by telling the truth to live, or by lying and saying he trafficked with the devil to die, he chooses dying.  If he lied, his name would be scarred forever.  If he died, he left his good name.  This is a test of character because he has to choose the right thing, which has hardest consequence.

    Giles Corey has a major test of endurance and character.  He has to choose whether or not to give away the name of a person who will go to court and will be killed, or to die.  Giles chooses to die, to keep the person safe, and to save his farm so his children can have it.  Giles goes through a painful death, crushing, and only says, "More weight."  

    Rebecca Nurse goes through a fate similar to John Proctor.  She has to choose to lie and live or tell the truth and die.  She chooses to tell the truth and die with no problems.  Not once did she think about living.  

    John Proctor, Giles Corey, and Rebecca Nurse pertain to the word crucible perfectly.  They both had to face tough trials of endurance and did the right thing when it came to them.