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Summary: The essay uses a picture as a prose. The picture is of a man trying to ski across this secluded area.
Persistance. This is how I describe perseverance. Perseverance enables an individual to endeavor in spite of adversity. It prevents a person from relinquishing while striving to achieve certain goals. Everyone has a different limit to which they can be pushed but attempting to overcome the challenges and obstacles they fave is part of persevering.

After viewing this photograph I feel the artist shows the effect or importance of perseverance because the person in the image is trying to ski in extremely cole weather. from the heavy backpack this person is carrying I assume this person is searching for a place to stay. From the thick layer of snow on the ground and the dark, cloudy sky it is obvious the person in the picture is struggling.

Problems will always arise but it is facing the challenges with a positive attitude that allows one to continue reaching their desires. All is achievable. Although it is freezing cold and nearly dark, this person continues to look for a place to stay. He has not given up. When I look at the ground I see there are no visible tracks in the snow. All is secluded. The chances of somebody coming by to help are very unlikely but his person carries on with the journey putting in a much effort as he can while tolerating the cold weather and the dark sky.

Dedication and determination is what allows one to continue striving to achieve their goals. In this case, the person continues his search for shelter. Just as he has not given up, you should also not give up. Never give up and always exert effort. Ignore the problems which arise and keep fighting. All is possible.

This section contains 286 words
(approx. 1 page at 300 words per page)
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