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Myself Vs. Piggy from "Lord of the Flies"

Summary: This essay compares and contrasts myself and the character of Piggy from "Lord of the Flies."
"Lord of the Files" is an interesting novel written by William Golding, about a group of British boys on an island. They were to evacuated during a war but their plain was shot down before they could reach their destination. They landed on the island; the pilot did not survive.

In the book piggy is the character, who most alike me. He was the figure of intelligence and knowledge in the novel.

Piggy and I have a lot in common. We both think before we act. We both are smart and have a large amount of knowledge. Like him I am very scientific, most of my decisions are based on facts. I, a secularist, believe in nothing but reason and facts. We know what is most important and what to do first. We also like to plan for the future. Like him I can understand the reason of why people acted like they did

Piggy and I also have some difference. We have many physical differences. Unlike him, I don't wear glasses and I am not obese. He is clumsy, weak, and cannot do much physically because he has asthma. Unlike him I have a good physical condition. Another major difference is that I will stand up for myself. I will not let people bully me or call me nicknames. I play my speech to find just the right word that will serve my proposes. I will not let others interrupt me during my speech unlike he did. I don't not like to depend on another person like he depended on Ralph. I like to work alone. No two persons are the same and no one is perfect. That is what makes the world so colorful. That is what makes up the world as we know it.

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