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The Mathematical Part of Me

Summary: The following is a personal essay entitled "The Mathematical Part of Me", which discusses math classes I have taken.
Back in the days of elementary and middle school, math was different and was not as complex as high school math. It came quicker than high school math and every since then it has stuck with me. Math is so much more enjoyable as a subject in school then any other to me.

In my previous math courses these past years, they were pretty basic and just help add to the information I already knew. I felt like math comes natural to me and I just get carried away in it and could do it for hours. Even though it can be frustrating everything just takes time to settle in. I don't really have any major issues or weakness I'm bringing with me. I try to stop right when something happens and try to figure it out there instead of wasting time not knowing how to do it and get behind in the other information I should be learning. However, if I feel like I know something it might seem like I'm not paying attention but I'm and so that might be considered a weakness. Staying focus and making sure that my work gets done on time and correctly is my strengths. Studying did not really have to be too much of a bother to me in the pervious years.

Due to my success in previous math classes I was accepted into Mu Alpha Theta last year and really hope I enjoy being in it. I signed up for precalculus for one I needed another class to fill in my slot and two because I realized that I should get some more help before I go off to college. My plans for after highschool involve me getting a major in accounting and minoring in business. So yea math courses make an importance to me because I'll be using a lot of it in college so I can succeed in my later years successfully.

This section contains 325 words
(approx. 2 pages at 300 words per page)
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