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Summary: Essay briefly discusses some of the writing of author Sharon Olds.
Long ago sex without love was a kind of prostitution, now it became almost an everyday thing (particularly during spring break!), nothing strange about it. Sex without love is simply doing the same thing animals do. That's why love exists so we can add that slight human essence to our duplication system. Love is a significant distinguisher between humans and animals.

Sharon Olds, the author, was born in 1942, in San Francisco. After graduating from Stanford she moved to earn a Ph.D. in English from Columbia University. She vowed to become a poet after graduation. She was, in her own words, raised as "hellfire Calvinist." From her point of view Sharon looked consumed with the vital effects that love has on people as she described the ultimate act of passion without any true attachment. The acceptance of 'casual sex' in our society is a shame.

I approve what Sharon says, people can't just have sex whenever, and they should have some self esteem, especially women. Women used to be stoned to death back in time for cheating on their husbands. Virginity is the most beautiful and greatest thing a woman have and should keep until she is married. For me it's all about the pride, if a woman isn't virgin, I wouldn't consider marring her. My wife cheating on me is the worst thing that can happen to me. I can't imagine what pain and suffering I will go through, I'll probably kill myself.

This section contains 246 words
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