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Melinda's Jealous Personality

Summary: Throughout the novel Melinda has a very jealous personality. Another characteristic that is strong in Melinda is her fear of most everything.
One example that shows Melinda's jealous personality is her English essay titled "Exchange Students are ruining our Country." This shows her jealousy because all of Rachel's friends are exchange students, and Melinda is jealous of "jock-goddess Nicole". Melinda is jealous of her incredible sports ability, which Melinda wants to have. Melinda is also very jealous of the cheerleaders. She wants to be one of the "gorgeous, straight-toothed, long-legged" cheerleaders. A quote that shows her jealousy of the cheerleaders is when she calls them "the girls who have it all."

Melinda also has a very fearful personality. She is afraid of others will think of her when she buys lunch on the first day, and when she waves to imaginary down the hall. Also she gets Heather as a friend just so others can't say that she has no friends. She is afraid of Andy Evens, and when he is around she refers to herself as an "afraid little rabbit". Melinda is very cautious about how she acts and what she says around her lab partner, David. She does this in order to hide her crush on him. One example is that she wishes that David wouldn't get mad when she asks to borrow his notes.

With all of the preceding actions, and examples, in mind, one should conclude that Melinda has a very jealous, and fearful person.

This section contains 229 words
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