Student Essay on Perfume Sea

Perfume Sea

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Evidently the Perfume Sea is a story pertaining to change, when taking into consideration its ambience. For instance, Archipelago and Doree who owned a European Hair Salon changed their sign and means of style from European to African in order to please the African people. After observing that maybe the most common and attractive hair styles on black people is not quite what they had thought. As well as the shop was not doing the greatest and by changing the sign to African had brought many new regulars. Likewise change is obvious when the Europeans left the community. Simply because the African colony would be self governing shortly. Furthermore they did not want the Europeans there any longer. Again change was revealed when Archipelago and Doree came to the realization that they have each other, and could do with nobody else. This was shown as they expressed their feelings while walking with hands entwined into the exquisite sunset. Without a doubt the perfume sea is a story of change and how to overcome the truth that nothing ever stays the same.