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Summary: This assignment deals with Hitler and how he lost the war.
The year is 1939 and the world is begining to turn into hell on the eastern front of Europe. Hitlers Third Riech is moving through Poland and walks rite into Austria . With take take over of France and the remaing countries except, Swizerland and Italy,the swiss being nuetraland the Italians being an allie Hitlaer begins his hatred on the jews and cripples and anyone who is not an arien race. Eurpoe has now became a fortress from both the inside and the outside .

June 6,1944 the allies begin their assualt on fortress Europe with air support,ground,and navel . With General George S,Patton compotition Montgumery the allies work quick the only thing that is stopping them is fuel and as the advance move from the east, Hitler is attacking the west and is one of the biggist mistakes in the war not listening to his generals . sometime around 1945 russian advances and Allie advances Germany is lost and Hitler has nowhere to go and by the time the Russians reached Berlin Hitler had Shot himself in the head and had his men take his body and burn it.

Hitler was an not really educated at the age of sixteen he dropped out of school and blamed everyone for his problems. He loved reading books and that is all he would really do. The first world war came and gone Hitler being decorated with tones of medals and honers. After the war he got into politics and moved his way up in power creating the Nazi party which took over in the 1930s Sometime. he also a good artist and was Jewish. the went by and war start until 1945 when he killed him self.

In conclusion to this essay there is not much we can but being thankful for our freedoms and to remember the lives that were lost because of one man and his rise to power . Don't only remember the Brave men of the Allies but take time to remember all the men that have Died in this war becuase war is a terrible thing. When you haer the stories from the men and women who fought in this war Take the time to listen and appreciate it becuase there is that man left.

This section contains 376 words
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