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Theseus and His Heroic Traits

Summary: Essay comments on the heroic traits shown by the character of Theseus.
Theseus is a heroic figure because of his strength, courage, and friendship. Theseus always showed strength in the activities he accomplished he was strong above others and he lifted a boulder, which gave him his sword and shoes. Theseus thought water was an easy way to travel so he walked through land because he wanted a challenge. As long as he had strength he had nothing to worry about. Another trait that Theseus showed was courage, he always offered first to be one the victims. He never backed away from fits he fought the Minatour with his bare hands. He also showed courage in everything he excelled in, he would offer to fight against a villain if he had to.

Lastly, Theseus had friendship wherever he went and the more friends he had the more power. He would always be kindhearted to everyone that he met. He would also want to be more than friend if you knew him very well. Therefore you see that Thesues excelled in everything, but these are some traits that really stood out.

This section contains 180 words
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