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Unknown to them, Farmer Brown’s boy discovered where they were.  Later he came often to the pond and was content to sit quietly on the shore and watch Mr. Quack, so that Mr. Quack grew quite used to him and did not fear him at all.  In fact, after the first few times, he made no attempt to hide.  You see he discovered that Farmer Brown’s boy was a friend.  Always after he had left, there was something good to eat near where he had been sitting, for Farmer Brown’s boy brought corn and oats and sometimes a handful of wheat.

He knew, and Mr. Quack knew that he knew, that somewhere near was a nest, but he did not try to find it much as he longed to, for he knew that would frighten and worry Mrs. Quack.  So the dear, precious secret of Mr. and Mrs. Quack was kept, for not even Paddy the Beaver knew just where that nest was, and in due time, early one morning, Mrs. Quack proudly led forth for their first swim ten downy, funny ducklings.

[Illustration with caption:  Those were happy days indeed for Mr. and Mrs. Quack in the pond of Paddy the Beaver.]

Oh, those were happy days indeed for Mr. and Mrs. Quack in the pond of Paddy the Beaver, and in their joy they quite forgot for a time the terrible journey which had brought them there.  But finally the Ducklings grew up, and when Jack Frost came in the fall, the whole family started on the long journey to the sunny Southland.  I hope they got there safely, don’t you?

Among those whom Mr. and Mrs. Quack came to know very well while they lived in the pond of Paddy the Beaver was that funny fellow who wears rings on his tail—­Bobby Coon.  In the next book I will tell you of some of Bobby’s adventures.


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