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‘Oh, let us help; I am sure Edmund would be glad.’

’No, no, this is better for all.  Remember this is the Goldsmith’s only measure of conciliation towards their sister since her marriage, and it ought not to be interfered with.  Poor Ulick says he knows this is the readiest chance of being of any use to his family, and that his mother has often said she should be happy if she could but see one of the six launched in a way to be independent!  There are those three eldest, little better than squireens, never doing a thing but loafing about with their guns.  I used to long for a horse-whip to lay about them, till they spoke to me, and then not one of the rogues but won my heart with his fun and good-nature.’

’Then I suppose it is a great thing to have one in the way of money-making.’

’Hem!  The Celtic blood is all in commotion!  This boy’s business was to ask my candid opinion whether there were anything ungentlemanlike in a clerkship in a bank.  It was well it was not you!’

’Now, Maurice, don’t you know how glad I should have been if Gilbert would have been as wise!’

’Yes, you have some common sense after all, which is more than Ulick attributes to his kith and kin.  When I had proved the respectability of banking to his conviction, I’ll not say satisfaction, he made me promise to write to his father.  He is making up his mind to what is not only a great vexation to himself, and very irksome employment, but he knows he shall be looked down upon as having lost caste with all his family!’

‘It really is heroism!’ cried Albinia.

‘It is,’ said Mr. Ferrars; ’he does not trust himself to face the clan, and means to get into harness at once, so as to clench his resolution, and relieve his parents from his maintenance immediately.’

‘Is he to live with that formal Miss Goldsmith?’

’No.  In solitary lodgings, after that noisy family and easy home!  I can’t think how he will stand it.  I should not wonder if the Galwegian was too strong after all.’

‘We must do all we can for him,’ cried Albinia; ’Edmund likes him already.  Can’t he dine with us every Sunday?’

‘I know you will be kind,’ said Mr. Ferrars.  ’Only see how things turn out before you commit yourself.  Ah!  I have said the unlucky word which always makes you fly off!’

There was little fear that Ulick O’More would not win his way with Mr. and Mrs. Kendal, recommended as he was, and with considerable attractions in the frankness and brightness of his manner.  He was a very pleasant addition to the party who dined at Willow Lawn, after the christening.  No one had time to listen to Mr. Cavendish Dusautoy’s maxims, and he retired rather sullenly, to lean against the mantelpiece, and marvel why the Kendals should invite an Irish banker’s clerk to meet him.  Gilbert likewise commented on the guest with a muttered observation on his sisters’ taste; ’Last year it was all the Polysyllable, now it would be all the Irishman!’

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