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it must flow outwards are the souls of other men, it reaches the One Life through the many.  Spiritual discernment should be the aim of the Satva, “there is not anything, whether animate or inanimate which is without me,” says Krishna, and we should seek for the traces of that in all things, looking upon it as the cause of the alchemical changes in the Tamas, as that which widens the outflowing love of the Rajas.  By a continued persistence of this subtle analytic faculty, we begin gradually to perceive that those things which we formerly thought were causes, are in reality not causes at all; that there is but one cause for everything, “The Atma by which this universe is pervaded.  By reason of its proximity alone the body, the organs, Manas and Buddhi apply themselves to their proper objects as if applied (by some one else).” (The Crest Jewel of Wisdom).  By uniting these three moods, action, devotion and spiritual discernment, into one mood, and keeping it continuously alight, we are accompanying the movements of spirit to some extent.  This harmonious action of all the qualities of our nature, for universal purposes without personal motive, is in synchronous vibration with that higher state spoken of at the beginning of the paper; therefore we are at one with it.  “When the wise man perceiveth that the only agents of action are these qualities, and comprehends that which is superior to the qualities of goodness, action and indifference—­which are co-existent with the body, it is released from rebirth and death, old age and pain, and drinketh of the water of immortality.”

—­February 15, 1893

Verse by AE in the “Irish Theosophist”


1—­“While the yellow constellations....” (untitled) 2—­Om 3—­Krishna 4—­Pain 5—­Three Councelors 6—­Dusk 7—­Dawn 8—­Desire 9—­Deep Sleep 10—­Day 11—­To A Poet 12—­The Place of Rest 13—­Comfort 14—­H.P.B. (In Memoriam.) 15—­By the Margin of the Great Deep 16—­The Secret 17—­Dust 18—­Magic 19—­Immortality 20—­The Man to the Angel 21—­The Robing of the King 22—­Brotherhood 23—­In the Womb 24—­In the Garden of God 25—­The Breath of Light 26—­The Free 27—­The Magi 28—­W.Q.J. (?) 29—­From the Book of the Eagle 30—­The Protest of Love 31—­The King Initiate 32—­The Dream of the Children 33—­The Chiefs of the Air 34—­The Palaces of the Sidhe 35—­The Voice of the Wise 36—­A Dawn Song 37—­The Fountain of Shadowy Beauty 38—­A New Earth 39—­Duality

While the yellow constellations shine with pale and tender glory,
In the lilac-scented stillness, let us listen to Earth’s story. 
All the flow’rs like moths a-flutter glimmer rich with dusky hues,
Everywhere around us seem to fall from nowhere the sweet dews. 
Through the drowsy lull, the murmur, stir of leaf and sleep hum
We can feel a gay heart beating, hear a magic singing come. 
Ah, I think that as we linger lighting at Earth’s olden fire

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