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—­April 15, 1896


Perhaps it is now while we are in a state of transition, when old leaders have gone out of sight and the new ones have not yet taken their place in the van, that we ought to consider what we are in ourselves.  Some questions we ought to ask ourselves about this movement:  where its foundations were laid? what the links are? where is the fountain of force? what are the doors?  You answer the first and you say “America,” or you say “India.”  But if that old doctrine of emanations be true it was not on earth but in the heavenworld where our minds immortal are linked together.  There it was born and well born, and grew downwards into earth, and all our hopes and efforts and achievements here but vaguely reflect what was true and perfect in intent above, a compact of many hearts to save the generations wandering to their doom.  Wiser, stronger, mightier than we were those who shielded us in the first years; who went about among us renewing memory, whispering in our hearts the message of the meaning of life, recalling the immemorial endeavor of the spirit for freedom, knowledge, mastery.  But it is our movement and not the movement of the Masters only.  It is our own work we are carrying on; our own primal will we are trying to give effect to.  Well may the kingly sages depart from bodies which were torment and pain to them.  They took them on for our sakes, and we may wave them a grateful farewell below and think of the spheres invisible as so much richer by their presence, more to be longed for, more to be attained.  I think indeed they are nearer heart and mind there than here.  What is real in us can lose no brotherhood with such as they through death.  Still flash the lights from soul to soul in ceaseless radiance, in endless begetting of energy, thought and will, in endless return of joy and love and hope.  I would rather hear one word of theirs in my heart than a thousand in my ears.  I would rather think of my guide and captain as embodied in the flame than in the clay.  Although we may gaze on the grave, kindly face living no more, there can be no cessation of the magic influence, the breath of fire, which flowed aforetime from the soul to us.  We feel in our profoundest hearts that he whom they call dead is living, is alive for evermore.

He has earned his rest, a deep rest, if indeed such as he cease from labor.  As for us, we may go our ways assured that the links are unbroken.  What did you think the links were?  That you knew some one who knew the Masters?  Such a presence and such a Companion would indeed be an aid, a link.  But I think where ever there is belief in our transcendent being, in justice, our spiritual unity and destiny, wherever there is brotherhood, there are unseen ties, links, shining cords, influx from and unbroken communication with the divine.  So much we have in our own natures, not enough to perfect us in the mysteries,

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