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“If we only dared.  But think, Fand, we shall have every wizard eye spying upon us, and every body who can use his freedom will follow and thwart us.  Not these forms, but others let us take.  Ah, look at those who come in grey and white and brown!  Send home the radiant ones.  We will adventure with these.”

“Be it so.  Back to your fountains, O purple rivers!  King-Bird, Queen-Bird, to your home in the hollows lead your flock!” So she spoke, but her words were shining and her waving arms compelled the feathered monarchs with radiations of outstretched flame.  To the others:  “Rest here awhile, sweet singers.  We shall not detain you captive for long.”  So she spoke, but her hands that caressed laid to sleep the restless pulsations of the wings and lulled the ecstatic song.

Night, which to the eye of the magian shows more clearly all that the bright day conceals, overspread with a wizard twilight the vast hollow of the heavens.  Numberless airy rivulets, each with its own peculiar shining, ran hither and thither like the iridescent currents streaming over a bubble.  Out of still duskier, more darkly glowing and phantasmal depths stared the great eyes of space, rimmed about with rainbow-dyes.  As night moved on to dawn two birds shot forth from the dun, linked together by a cord of golden fire.  They fled southwards and eastwards.  As they went they sang a song which tingled the pulses of the air.  In the dark fields the aureoles around the flowers grew momentarily brighter.  Over the mountain homes of the Tuatha de Danaans rose up shadowy forms who watched, listened, and pondered awhile.  The strayed wanderers amid the woods heard the enraptured notes and forgot their sorrows and life itself in a hurricane of divine remembrance.  Where the late feast was breaking up the melody suddenly floated in and enwreathed the pillared halls, and revellers became silent where they stood, the mighty warriors in their hands bowed low their faces.  Still on and on swept the strange birds flying southwards and eastwards.

Still in many a peasant cot
Lives the story unforgot,
While the faded parchments old
Still their rhyming tale unfold. 
There is yet another book
Where thine eager eyes may look. 
There within its shining pages
Lives the long romance of ages,
Liban, Fand, their glowing dreams,
Angus’s birds, the magic streams
Flooding all the twilight crypt,
Runes and spells in starry script;
Secrets never whispered here
In the light are chanted clear. 
Read in the tales of Eri
If the written word be weary.

Never is there day so gleaming
        But the dusk o’ertakes it;
Never night so dark and dreaming
        But the dawn awakes it: 
And the soul has nights and days
In its own eternal ways.

II.  Cuchullain’s Dream

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