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In the recently published Story of Early Gaelic Literature, attention is directed to the curious eastern and pantheistic character of some archaic verse.  Critics are for ever trying to show how some one particular antique race was the first begetter of religion and mystic symbolism.  Perplexed by the identity between the myths and traditions of different countries, they look now here, now there, for the original.  But it was not in any land but out of the Christ-Soul of the universe that true wisdom at all times was begotten.  Some ignorant peasant, some Jacob Boehme, is pure and aspires, and lo! the God stirs within him and he knows the things that were taught in elder days and by unknown people.  Our own land, long ago, had its Initiates in whom the eye of the seer was open.  This eye, concealed in the hollow of the brain, is the straight gate and the narrow way through which alone the mortal may pass and behold the immortal.  It is now closed in most men.  Materialism, sensuality and dogmatic belief have so taken the crown and sceptre from their souls that they enter the golden world no more knowingly—­they are outcast of Eden.  But the Tuatha De Dannans were more than seers or visionaries.  They were magicians—­God and man in one.  Not alone their thought went out into the vast, but the Power went along with it.  This mystic Power is called the Serpentine Fire.  It is spiritual, electric, creative.  It develops spirally in the ascetic, mounting from centre to centre, from the navel to the heart;* [* “He that believeth on me, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living waters.  This spake he of the Spirit.”—­John, vii, 38] from thence it rises to the head.  He is then no more a man but a God; his vision embraces infinitude.

The action of this Power was symbolized in many ways, notably by the passage of the sun through the zodiacal signs * (centres in the psychic body) [* “The twelve signs of the Zodiac are hidden in his body.”—–­Secret Doctrine, II, 619] A stone serpent was found a little while ago in Ireland marked with twelve divisions.  The archaic verses alluded to have the same meaning: 

“I am the point of the lance of battle. [The spinal cord, the
        Sushumna nadi of Indian Psychology.]
I am the God who creates in the head of man the fire of the thought. 
Who is it throws light into the meeting on the mountain? [The
        meeting of the mortal and the immortal on Mount Meru, the
        pineal gland.]
Who announces the ages of the moon? [The activity of the inner
        astral man.]
Who teaches the place where courses the sun?” [Spirit.]

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