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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 67 pages of information about Grammar and Vocabulary of the Lau Language.

too 6. numeral, one thousand.  S. to’o.

toongi 1. v. i., to clothe; n., clothes.  S. tooni.

toongi 2. v. tr., to pack, load, place.  S. tooni.

toromi v. tr., to pierce.  S. toromi.

tosi v. tr., to throw away.  S. ’asi.

tosiomelamwane a parable, proverb.

totolo v. tr., to raise the voice.  S. totolo.

tou, totou, v. i., to be little; manata tou, to make little of; adj. little; ni ai tou, humbly.

   toula v. n., manata toula, humility; toula (gu) in

toula- (na), i toulana asi, on the surface of the sea.


ua adv., still, yet; ua mai inao, from of old; e mae ua na, already dead; ua mai ana lua, from the time of the flood, ua inao, old, aforetime; ua go i uarodo, while still dark; e langi ua, not yet, still wanting.  S. ue.

uarodo dawn, morning. rodo.

ubuubu v. i., to be thick, deep.  S. ’upu.

uda v. i., to be new, fresh.

udu, uduudu, v. i., to drip, n., a drop.  S. ’udu.

   udufa v. n., a dropping, drops.

ueli v. tr., to happen adversely to.

ufi 1. v. tr., to blow; ufi bungu, to blow a conch shell.

   ufiani v. tr., to breathe into, inspire.  S. ’uhi.

ufi 2. a yam.  S. uhi.

ufi 3. v. tr., to draw water.

uga v. i,, to spill, to be wasted.

ugani v. tr., to grumble at.  S. uqe.

ui, uiani v. tr., to throw, cast.  S. ’u’i.

ulu v. i., to wade.

   ulufaini v. tr., to carry a person over water.  S. ulu.

ulufi v. tr., to vex, grieve.  S. unuhi.

ulunga, urunga, to serve as a pillow; n., a pillow.

urungai v. tr., to recline the head.  S. ulunge.

umu oven.  S. umu.

unua n., folk lore, a yarn.  S. unu.

unga (gu) n., skin.

uo hill; fe uo.  S. uo.

uri 1. v. tr., to tread, tread on; uri sufu, to tread through.

   urila v. n., tread, step.  S. uri.

uri, urina, 2. adv., like, thus; nia kafi uri, he spake thus, rao uri, to do like, to tend, ele uri, to desire.  S. uri.

uria adj., like, used as adv., toolada ka uria alafana, their way shall be like as if.

urii adv., just now.

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