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   rigitangaini v. tr., to do powerfully.

rii, riirii, to cry out; olosia riilana, cried out.  S. rii, cicada.

ro 1. v. tr., ro suli, to obey, listen to.

ro 2. numeral, two, used only in composition; forms part of pers. pronoun goro, etc.; ro si doo, two things; e ro mwane, two men.  S. ro.

ro 3. numeral, two, used with nouns of relationship; ro mamana; ro mwai sasina.

ro 4. ending of pers. pronoun daro; gamoro. ro 2.

rodo night; fe rodo, a night; rodo fi dao, till nightfall.  S. rodo.

rogi yesterday; used with locative i, i rogi.

rongo; fafurongo, v. i., to listen to, to be a disciple; n. a disciple.  S. qaarongo.

rorodoa adj., dark, used also as n., darkness. rodo.

roroi v. tr., to strengthen.  S. roro’i.

rua numeral, two; e rua.  S. rua.

   ruana ordinal, second, second time; gera ruana gera, their

   ruarua, tan ruarua, to be midway.

ruru (gu) 1. n. bosom, breast.

ruru; 2. ruru kore, an avalanche.  S. ruru kore.

ruta n. dialect.

ruu v. i., to enter.

   ruula v. n., entry.


sae 1. v. tr., to say, speak, tell, read; sae isingana, to finish speaking.

   saetana, it is said.  S. sae.

sae 2. adv. that, in reported speech.

saea adv. in order that, that so; saea o lea mai fuana, is it that you have come for this? denotes the subjunctive,

safali v. tr., to be equipped with.

saga v. i., to proceed; saga tafa to proceed out of.

sagali, sasagali, v. tr., to attack.

sai 1. n., place, duty, piece; sai i nonigu, my duty; sai oe, your duty; with ai 1. sai ai na, that one I mean; tani saiai, those which, in explanations.

sai; 2. sai gano, on the ground.  S. hai. 2.

saitama (gu) v. tr., to know; gu langi si saitamana, I do not know; saitama dooa, knowledge.

sako v. tr., to catch.  Mota sakau.

salo n. cloud, storm; salo uruuru, white fleecy cloud.

   saloa adj., stormy.  S. salo.

salofi v. tr., to prepare, clear a path, sweep.

samai v. tr., to fit on, to pair with.  S. sama.

samola n. pride, overbearing,

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