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lio 2. (gu) n., heart, mind; lio sarofaia, harmless; lio bukonua, sorrow; ro si lio double mind; lio too, to be wise, lio tooa, lio toola, wisdom; alu te si lio, to be brave.

lita (gu) n., waist, loins,

lo adv., there, used with go, and gi; ita mai logo, thence; logo north west; na ogule boso logi, the herd of swine over there.

lobo v. i., a lake, pond.  S. lopo.

lofo 1 v. i., to jump, to fly; lofo laongi, to jump over; ano lofo, dust.

   lofoi v. tr., to assault.  S. loho.

lofo 2. (na) n, in the neighborhood of, over against, opposite to; i lofona fera, opposite the village.

logosi v. tr., to incline, bend.  S. lolosi.

lola v. i., to drown.

lologu v. i., to be palsied, crippled.  S. loku.

lolosi v. tr., to bend.  S. lolosi.

lolou v. i., to make a noise, reverberate.  S. lolou.

loo v. i., to be fierce, wild, suspicious.

   falooi, to persecute, cause to be wild.  S. loo.

looua grass.

loulou 1. v. i., to be quick; 2. adv., quickly, quick.  S. lauleu.

loulou 3. adj., whole, entire, in one piece.  S. laku.

lu contraction for olu three, used to form trial number of pronoun; dalu, golu, etc.  S. lu.

luga v. i., to loose.

   lugatai, lugataini v. v. tr.

   lugala v. n., loosing.  S. luhe.

lui v. tr., to forbid, reserve; alu lui to set a taboo mark on.  S. luu’i

lukumi v. tr., to restrain.

lulua 1. a stranger, guest.

lulua 2. a basket of plaited coconut leaf.  S. luelue.

luu v. tr., to move, to depart.  S. luu.


m adjectival prefix; moi broken.

ma 1. conjunction; ma ana, though; ma ka langi, or not, in questions; ma ta, but.

ma 2. adjectival prefix of condition; madiu; matala.  S. ma.

maa 1. (gu) n., eye, face, aperture, gate; i maa, at the door, in the courtyard; gula i maa, outside; maana bara, gate; maa too (gu) to visit; toongi bono maa, sackcloth:  2. art. one, a; maa ni dara gi, young men; fai maae oru qailiu, the four winds; maae dangi, a day, maae dangi i fafo, two days hence; maae rodo, darkness; maae fera, a village.  S. maa.

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