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ilifaini v. tr., to give commands to, to signify.

ilitoo v. tr., to tempt; takes gu, mut, na, as pronominal suffixes; a ilitooa v. n., the tempter.

imaa adv., outside, in the courtyard.

i moumouli (gu) on, in, the left hand (late use).

inakesi v. tr., to examine, take account of, beseech, importune; inakesi ingola, to beseech.

inala v. i., to discern by casting lots.  S. ilala.

inali 1. v. tr., to plait; 2. a rope.  S. i’eli.

inao (gu) n., before, in front of, of old time.  S. ina’o.

ini v. tr., to pinch, ini i luana, to throttle.  S. ’ini.

inia pers. pron. sing. 3. he, she, it; used as subj. and followed by nia.  S._inge’ie_.

inite; inite arai, the elders.

initoo to be glorious; soe initoo, to glorify; too initoo, the rulers; initoo, initoola, majesty.

inumae v. i., to be orphaned, to be poor.

   inumaea v. n., an orphan.  S. inemae.

inunufa- (gu) n., because of.  S. inunuha.

ingo v. i. to beseech.

   ingosi v. tr., to beseech.

   ingotaini v. tr., to provoke.

   ingola v. n., inakesi ingola, to beseech.

ioe pers. pron. sing. 2. thou, used as subj. and followed by o.  S. i’oe.

iqa v. 1. to be spoilt, shed, of fluid.

irogi adv., yesterday.

irori v. tr., to mix, mingle, stir up.

isara adv., shore, to the shore.

ise, isegi, ise na adv., here.

isi; isilana, the end; isiburi, to be last, finally; isingana ne, from henceforth; sae isingana, leave off speaking.

isuli prep. motion after, motion over; isulia rodo mana asua, by day and night; lea isulia, go after him.  S. isuli.

ita adv., motion from; ita ana mai, up to here; ita mai ifai, whence; ita na ma inao, from of old.

itafu- (gu) n., on behalf of.

iu, iuka affirmative, yes.


ka verbal particle, used of present or of future time, or of consequent action; nia ka bae uri, he speaks thus; gamelu ka ania si taa, what shall we eat? sui ta nia kafi bae uri, thereupon he says; lelea ka rodo, go till nightfall; may be used in negative sentences with the addition of si, not; kasi bobola, it is not fitting.  U. ’a.

kada n., a period; kada na, kada ni, at the time when; i kada uta, when? kade manga, while; kade beu, inner chamber.

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