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e. 3. v. p., used with numerals and with fita; e rua. two; e fita, how many?  S. e.

eela adj., lazy; noni eela, lazy.

eelenga (na) n., the end of, its end.

eeo v. i., to be crooked.

ele v. i., to desire, used with uri; ele uria, desirous of it.

   elela v. n., rejoicing.

   elea adj., joyfully.

eli, elieli v. tr., to dig.

   elila v. n., digging.  S. eli.

enia pers. pro. sing. 3. he, she, it; enia naane, that is so; gele mwela enia ada, the small child (he) was with them.  Cf. e. 2.

eqetaini v. tr., to remit, forego.

ere 1. n., fire; alu ere ana, to set fire to; si ere, a firestick.

ere 2. v. tr., to plait.

   ereere v. tr., used as prep., round about.

   ereila adj., round in shape.  S. ere.

erisi v. tr., to dispatch, send. qaierisi.

eta numeral, one; eta inao fua, to be in front of, to lead.

   etana, ordinal, first, the first time.  S. eta.


fa. 1. causative prefix, applied to verbs and less frequently to nouns, e. g., famwaela.  S. ha’a.

fa. 2. termination of verbal nouns:  mae, to die, maemaefa, sickness; otofa-, concerning, oofa-, approaching, are always followed by the suffixed pronoun.  S. ha.

faabu v. tr., to forbid.  S. ’abu.

   faabua v. n., an oath.

faabusu v. tr., to fill, satiate with food.

faada v. tr., to cause to see, to awaken. ada.

faado v. tr., to apportion.  S. ado.

faalamaini v. tr., to entrust, to permit. alamai.

faalu, faolu, adj., new, fresh, recent; arai faolu, bridegroom.  S. haalu.

fabaita v. tr., to make big, to magnify oneself. baita.

fabili v. tr., to make dirty, to defile. bili.

fabona v. tr., to appease, to cause to be quiet. bona.

fabota v. tr., to be of assistance to. bota.

fabulosi v. tr., to cause to turn, to turn over. bulo.

fadole v. tr., to be a debtor to.

fafanafi v. tr., to covet. fana.

fafanga v. tr., to feed. fanga.

fafaraasia adj., tasteless.

fafi 1. v. tr., to help; dau fafi, to help, to surround; 2. prep, concerning, causation; fafia, because of.  S. haahi.

fafo (gu) n., above, over, used with locative i., i fafona, in addition, on top of it.

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