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They threw away their guns and jumped down twenty feet into the river. 
The bear jumped in after them. 
He nearly caught the last one. 
Then one soldier in the willows shot the bear in the head. 
This shot killed him. 
The soldiers pulled the bear out of the river. 
They found eight balls in him. 
They took his skin to show the captains. 
They said he was a brave old bear. 
They named a creek near-by for him. 
They called it “The Brown-Bear-Defeated Creek.”

be cause   fright ened
climb   kicked    wait

One day a grizzly bear ran after a soldier. 
The soldier tried to shoot the bear. 
His gun would not go off. 
The gun was wet because he had been in the river all day. 
He ran to a tree. 
He got to the tree just in time. 
As the soldier climbed, he kicked the bear. 
The grizzly bear can not climb a tree. 
This grizzly sat at the foot of the tree to wait until the soldier would
come down. 
The soldier called out loud. 
Two other soldiers heard him. 
They came running to help him. 
They saw the man in the tree. 
They saw the bear at the foot of the tree. 
They shot off their guns and made a big noise. 
The grizzly grew frightened. 
It ran away. 
Then the soldier came down from the tree. 
He was glad that his friends had come to his help.

a ble   beans   su et
ba con   dump lings   played
a mused   them selves   shake


After the men had carried all the goods to the top of the Falls, they made canoes to take them up the river.  They were camping at the top of the Falls on the Fourth of July, 1805.  Captain Lewis wrote that they had a good dinner that day.  He said they had as good as if they were at home.  They had “bacon, beans, buffalo meat, and suet dumplings.”  After dinner a soldier played the fiddle.  Captain Lewis wrote:  “Such as were able to shake a foot amused themselves in dancing on the green.”

burst   fif teen   ra vine
cloud   clothes   wave


One day Captain Clark took Sacajawea and her husband with him to look
over the top of the Falls. 
Sacajawea’s baby was in his basket on her back. 
Captain Clark saw a black cloud. 
He said, “It will rain soon. 
Let us go into that ravine.” 
They sat under some big rocks. 
Sacajawea took off the baby’s basket and put it at her feet. 
All the baby’s clothes were in the basket. 
Sacajawea took the baby in her lap. 
It began to rain a little. 
The rain did not get to them. 
It rained harder. 
Then the cloud burst just over the ravine. 
The rain and hail made a big wave in the little ravine. 
Captain Clark saw the wave coming. 
He jumped up and caught his gun in his left hand. 
With his right hand he pushed Sacajawea up the bank. 

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