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ax les   even   hail   tongues
bears   e nough   knocked   wheels
griz zly   cot ton wood   mast   wil low


The party had to go up a high hill to get around the Falls. 
It would take too long to carry the canoes on their backs. 
They could see only one big tree on the plains. 
It was a cottonwood. 
The soldiers cut it down. 
They cut wheels and tongues from it. 
The cottonwood is not hard enough for axles. 
The soldiers cut up the mast of their big boat for axles. 
They began to go up the hill. 
In a little time the axles broke. 
They put in willow axles. 
Then the cottonwood tongues broke. 
Then the men had to carry the goods on their backs. 
It was very hot. 
The mosquitoes and blow-flies bit them all the time. 
The prickly pear hurt their feet. 
It hurt them even through their moccasins. 
If they drank water, they were ill. 
One day it hailed hard. 
The hail knocked some of the men down. 
At night the grizzly bears took their food.

load   point ed   large   safe
mouth   roared   fierce   waist


After many hard days, they got all the goods to the top of the Falls. 
The party saw many grizzly bears near the Falls. 
They were the first white men to see the grizzly bear. 
They found it a very large and very fierce bear. 
One day Captain Lewis was out hunting. 
He had killed a buffalo for dinner. 
He turned around to load his gun again. 
He saw a big bear coming after him. 
It was only twenty feet away. 
He did not have time to load his gun. 
There was no tree near. 
There was no rock near. 
The river bank was not high. 
Captain Lewis ran to the river. 
The bear ran after him with open mouth. 
It nearly caught him. 
Captain Lewis ran into the river. 
He turned around when the water was up to his waist. 
He pointed his gun at the bear. 
It stopped still. 
Then it roared and ran away. 
Captain Lewis did not know why the bear roared and ran, but he was glad
to be safe.

body    de feat ed    shoul der
brave   ly ing        angry

One day six of the soldiers saw a big bear lying on a little hill near
the river. 
The six soldiers came near him. 
They were all good shots. 
Four shot at him. 
Four balls went into his body. 
He jumped up. 
He ran at them with open mouth. 
Then the two other men fired. 
Their balls went into his body, too. 
One ball broke his shoulder. 
Still he ran at them. 
The men ran to the river. 
Two jumped into their canoe. 
The others hid in the willows. 
They loaded their guns as fast as they could. 
They shot him again. 
The shots only made him angry. 
He came very near two of the men. 

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