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gone      land       word
keep      prom ise   yes

Then Captain Lewis said, “Are you men of your word?”

The Indians said, “Yes.”

He said, “Did you not promise to carry our goods over the mountains?”

The Indians said, “Yes.”

“Then,” he said, “why are you going to leave us now? 
If you had not promised, we would have gone back down the Missouri. 
Then no other white man would come to your land. 
You wish the whites to be your friends. 
You want them to give you goods. 
You should keep you promise to them. 
I will keep my promise to you. 
You seem afraid to keep your promise.”

The chiefs said, “We are not afraid. 
We will keep our promise.”

They sent out word to all their men to keep their promise. 
Captain Lewis thanked Sacajawea. 
If she had not told him, the Indians would have gone off in the night. 
The whites would have been left in the steep Rocky Mountains with no
horses and no way of getting food.

stiff    Pa cif ic    O cean
melt     sharp        trip


The trip across the mountains was very hard. 
The mountain tops were steep. 
There was no road. 
The ground was made of sharp rocks. 
The horses slipped and fell down. 
The men’s feet were cut and black and blue. 
It rained many days and snowed nights. 
They had no houses. 
Before they could start on each day, they had to melt the snow off their
The men grew stiff from the wet and the cold. 
The only way they could get warm was to keep on walking. 
They had little food. 
They had only a little corn when they started across the mountains. 
This was soon gone. 
There were no animals, no fish, and no roots on the way. 
They had to kill their horses. 
They had only horsemeat to eat. 
The soldiers grew sick. 
Some could hardly stand. 
But they did not want to turn back. 
They knew the Indians could find the way down to the Columbia River. 
Then they could get to the Pacific Ocean without the Indians. 
So they went on.

sud den ly fun salm on watch


At last they got across the mountains and down on the Columbia River. 
The Indians who had showed them the way went home again. 
There were other Indians near the Columbia. 
These Indians gave the men salmon and roots. 
They ate so much that they were ill. 
The captains and all the soldiers were ill. 
But they started to make canoes to ride down the Columbia. 
They did not get well. 
So they bought some dogs. 
They cooked the dogs and ate them. 
For days they could eat only dog. 
The Indians laughed at them for eating dog. 
They said, “Dogs are good to watch the camp. 

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