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“I’m glad you like it,” said Rosamond; “but we’d come just the same if you didn’t.  Now stop your giggling, while I ring the bell, and see what happens.”

A dainty French waitress answered the summons, and smilingly asked for orders.

Patty modestly asked for chocolate and rolls for them all, but the French maid volunteered the information that Ma’amselle was of the opinion that the young ladies would like an omelette, and perhaps a jar of marmalade.

[Illustration with caption:  “They were all perched on Patty’s big bed—­ alone at last”]

“Heavenly!” exclaimed Rosamond, rolling her eyes in ecstacy, and the waitress departed on her errand.

“This is the jolliest picnic yet,” declared Elise, a little later as she sat, propped up by pillows, in a corner of the big chintz tent, and devoured flaky hot rolls and apricot marmalade.

The girls were each in a corner of the great bed, which left ample room in the centre for the tray full of good things, and though perhaps an unusual place for a picnic, it was a most hilarious festivity.



The three girls spent a delightful morning exploring the old Chateau, and its park and garden.  The clear air was brisk and keen, and a few hours out of doors sent them back into the house with rosy cheeks and bright eyes.

They discovered a delightful room that they had not seen before, which was built out from one of the wings, and whose walls and ceiling were entirely of glass.

“This is something like your room at home, Elise,” said Patty, as they seated themselves there.

“Not very much; my room is glass, to be sure, but it’s square, and this circular apartment is quite a different matter.  And did you ever see such exquisite furniture?  I can quite believe myself an Empress when I sit gracefully on this gilded blue satin sofa.”

“I’m glad you think you’re sitting gracefully,” said Rosamond, laughing at Elise, who, in her favourite position, had one foot tucked up under her.

“I don’t care,” said Elise.  “Probably Josephine would have liked to sit on her foot, only she didn’t dare.”

“Her empire would have tottered if she had done such a thing as that,” observed Patty, “but as it tottered anyway, she might as well have sat as she pleased.”

Ma’amselle joined the young people at luncheon time, and although she called it breakfast, the repast was quite as elaborate and formal in its way as dinner had been.  But the girls brought to it three healthy young appetites, that did full justice to the exquisite viands set before them.

At the table, Ma’amselle announced to the girls her plans for their entertainment.

It seemed that she expected her nephew that evening, to spend a few days, and as the next day would be the great festival of New Year’s Day, she had planned a celebration of the event.

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