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If, however, the day is cold and frosty, the water does not fall in a shower of rain; it comes down in the shape of noiseless snow.  Go out after such a snow-shower, on a calm day, and look at some of the flakes which have fallen; you will see, if you choose good specimens, that they are not mere masses of frozen water, but that each one is a beautiful six-pointed crystal star.  How have these crystals been built up?  What power has been at work arranging their delicate forms?  In the fourth lecture we shall see that up in the clouds another of our invisible fairies, which, for want of a better name, we call the “force of crystallization,” has caught hold of the tiny particles of water before “cohesion” had made them into round drops, and there silently but rapidly, has moulded them into those delicate crystal starts know as “snowflakes”.

And now, suppose that this snow-shower has fallen early in February; turn aside for a moment from examining the flakes, and clear the newly-fallen snow from off the flower-bed on the lawn.  What is this little green tip peeping up out of the ground under the snowy covering?  It is a young snowdrop plant.  Can you tell me why it grows? where it finds its food? what makes it spread out its leaves and add to its stalk day by day?  What fairies are at work here?

First there is the hidden fairy “life,” and of her even our wisest men know but little.  But they know something of her way of working, and in Lecture VII we shall learn how the invisible fairy sunbeams have been buy here also; how last year’s snowdrop plant caught them and stored them up in it’s bulb, and how now in the spring, as soon as warmth and moisture creep down into the earth, these little imprisoned sun-waves begin to be active, stirring up the matter in the bulb, and making it swell and burst upwards till it sends out a little shoot through the surface of the soil.  Then the sun-waves above-ground take up the work, and form green granules in the tiny leaves, helping them to take food out of the air, while the little rootlets below are drinking water out of the ground.  The invisible life and invisible sunbeams are busy here, setting actively to work another fairy, the force of “chemical attraction,” and so the little snowdrop plant grows and blossoms, without any help from you or me.

Week 2

One picture more, and then I hope you will believe in my fairies.  From the cold garden, you run into the house, and find the fire laid indeed in the grate, but the wood dead and the coals black, waiting to be lighted.  You strike a match, and soon there is a blazing fire.  Where does the heat come from?  Why do the coals burn and give out a glowing light?  Have you not read of gnomes buried down deep in the earth, in mines, and held fast there till some fairy wand has released them, and allowed them to come to earth again?  Well, thousands and millions of years ago, those coals were plants; and

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