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[69] A very bad quality of whiskey made in Taos in the early days, which, on account of its fiery nature, was called “Taos Lightning.”

[70] The Ute name for the Spanish Peaks.

[71] His name for his knife.  It was the custom of the old trappers and hunters to personify their weapons, usually in remembrance of the locality where they got them.

[72] If “California Joe” had any other name, but few knew it; he was a grizzled trapper and scout of the old regime.  He was the best all-round shot on the plains.  He was the first man to ride with General Custer into the village of Black Kettle, of the Cheyennes, when that chief’s band was annihilated in the battle of the Washita, in November, 1868, by the U. S. Cavalry and the Nineteenth Kansas.  Joe was murdered in the Black Hills several years ago.

[73] Uncle of Senator Cockrell of Missouri.

[74] The real name of this strange old trapper was Thomas L. Smith.  He was eventually killed by the Indians.

[75] The authors of this book both well remember when the sand-hills of the Arkansas River were, as their name implied, mere dunes of shifting sand.  Now they are covered with rich verdure upon which thousands of cattle feed, and in the intervales are to be seen some of the finest fruit-farms in the region of the central plains.  Whether Professor Agassiz was correct, or whether it is caused by great cycles of atmospheric variation, it is a fact.


This section presents a record of the source book used to complete this Etext edition of The Great Salt Lake Trail by Col.  Henry Inman and Col.  William F. Cody.  This Etext is not a faithful representation of the source book’s typesetting, but does contain the complete text of the authors.

Bibliographic Reference.

The source book was obtained from the Johnson County (Kansas) Library. 
The bibliographic reference of the book is as follows: 

Inman, Henry, and William F. Cody. The Great Salt Lake Trail. 1898. 
     Social Science Reprints Series.  Williamstown, Mass.:  Corner House
     Publishers, 1978.

MARC Record Display.

The MARC record display from the Johnson County Library web catalog ( is displayed as follows: 

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008     791219r19781898mauabcf 00110 eng d
010             $o 05811406
020             $c $22.50
040             $a CRU $c CRU $d m.c. $d OCL $d m/c $d OCL $d KNJ
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245     14      $a The Great Salt Lake trail / $c by Colonel Henry Inman and
Colonel William F. Cody.
260     0       $a Williamstown, Mass. :  $b Corner House Publishers, $c 1978.
300             $a xiii, 529 p. :  $b ill., front. (2 port.) plates, fold. map. ;

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