Sleepy-Time Tales: the Tale of Fatty Coon eBook

Arthur Scott Bailey
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How the chips did fly!  At the very first blow Fatty knew that this was an entirely different sort of chopping from that which Johnnie had attempted the night before.  The great tree shook as if it knew that it would soon come crashing down upon the ground.

And as for Fatty Coon, he could not see but that he must fall when the tree did.  He, too, shivered and shook.  And he wrapped himself all the way around a limb and hung on as tight as ever he could.



Now, Farmer Green and his hired man had not chopped long before they stopped to breathe.  They had not chopped long—­but oh! what great, yawning holes they had made in the big chestnut!  From the limb where he clung Fatty Coon looked down.  The tree no longer shook.  And Fatty felt better at once.  You see, he thought that the men would go away, just as Johnnie had gone away the night before.  But they had no such idea at all.

“Which way are you going to fell her?” the hired man asked.  He said her, meaning the tree, of course.

“That way!” said Farmer Green, pointing toward the woods.  “We’ll have to drop her that way, or she’ll fall right across the road, and of course that would never do.”

“But will she clear the trees on the edge of the woods?” The hired man appeared somewhat doubtful.

“Oh, to be sure—­to be sure!” answered Farmer Green.

And with that they set to work again.  But this time they both chopped on the same side of the tree—­the side toward the woods.

Now, if Fatty Coon was frightened before, you will believe that he was still more frightened when the big chestnut tree began to sag.  Yes! it began to lean toward the woods.  Slowly, slowly it tipped.  And Fatty was scared half out of his mind.  He climbed to the very top of the tree, because he wanted to get just as far away from those men as he could.  And there he waited.  There was nothing else he could do.  Yes! he waited until that awful moment should come when the tree would go crashing down upon the ground.  What was going to happen to him then?  Fatty wondered.  And while he was wondering there sounded all at once a great snapping and splitting.  And Fatty felt the tree falling, falling.  He could hear Johnnie Green shouting.  And he shut his eyes and held fast to his branch.  Then came the crash.

When Fatty Coon opened his eyes he expected to see Johnnie Green all ready to seize him.  But to his great surprise he was still far above the ground.  You see, Farmer Green had been mistaken.  Either the big chestnut tree was taller than he had guessed, or the woods were nearer than he had thought.  For instead of dropping upon the ground, Fatty’s tree had fallen right against another tree on the edge of the woods.  And there it lay, half-tipped over, with its branches caught fast in the branches of that other tree.

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