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“Now you are getting sensible,” said Mr. Pinkerton.  “We want to get the money.  You know where it is?  We know that last October a valise was sent to you from St. Louis to Leavenworth, which you were to give to Cook.  We know that Cook received some of the stolen money.  You had some, too.  We have shadowed you all over Kansas City.  You have been seen in the White Elephant playing faro, you were followed to the widow’s fortune-telling room.  We know where you lived, and have letters which you received from Jim Cummings.

“That isn’t his name,” broke in Dan.

Mr. Pinkerton stopped.  He saw he had Dan up to the proper point, and where before he would have died rather than given a grain of information in connection with the case, he was now anxious to tell all he knew of it.  Dan continued: 

“Jim Cummings isn’t his right name any more’n it’s mine.  His name is Fred Wittrock, and he lives in Chicago.”


“At—­West Lake street.”

“Will you swear to that?” “Yes, I will; he runs a coalyard there.  He ana a man named Weaver.  I had nothing to do with robbing the car.  It was all done before I ran across Wittrock near Pacific, and he gave me $2,000 to keep my mouth shut and help plant the plunder.”

“Do you know where it is planted?”

“Part of it, yes.  Weaver and another fellow named Haight have some hid in Chicago.  Some is hid in the graveyard near Leaven worth, and some of it behind Cook’s cooper-shop.”

“Has Fotheringham got any of it?”

“Fotheringham hadn’t anything to do with it—­any more’n you did—­ Wittrock knocked him down and he couldn’t help himself.”

“Mr. Moriarity, if all this is true, you will be benefited by the information you have given,” then turning to the baliff, he said, “We are through now.”  Moriarity, still cursing Cummings, was led back to the cell, and the detectives left the jail for Chip’s boarding-house,

“It’s plain sailing now, boys,” said Mr. Pinkerton; “this end has been worked dry, and you must return to Chicago with me.  Cummings, or rather Wittrock, if Moriarity has spoken the truth, will certainly make for Chicago, and you must be ready for him.”

The next day the three detectives were on their way to Chicago, leaving Barney, who had played the part of Jim Cummings in cell 43, to remain in Kansas City and hunt for the “planted swag.”


Jim Cummings in Chicago—­the spotted house—­shadowed by Chip—­Jim Cummings arrested.

When Jim Cummings, by his bold strike for liberty, escaped the trap set for him, he pushed his horse to its highest speed until he had put miles between himself and the spot where the detectives had made the attempt to capture him.

He saw that Dan was captured, and with Cook also in jail he felt the toils of the law tightening around him.  He must get out of the United States.  To Canada, Mexico, Brazil, it mattered little, but he must first secure some of the money he had taken from the express car.  To go to Kansas City or Leavenworth to raise it was like putting his head into the noose.

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