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Title:  Jim Cummings

Author:  Frank Pinkerton

Release Date:  May, 2004 [EBook #5695] [Yes, we are more than one year ahead of schedule] [This file was first posted on August 9, 2002]

Edition:  10

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With a portrait of the notorious Jim Cummings and
illustrations of scenes connected with the great robbery

By Frank Pinkerton

Vol.  I, March 1887. 
The Pinkerton Detective Series,
issued monthly,
by subscription, $3.00 per annum.



The conspirators—­the forged letter—­the plan.

In the rear room of a small frame building, the front of which was occupied as a coal office, located on West Lake street, Chicago, three men were seated around a square pine table.  The curtains of the window were not only drawn inside, but the heavy shutters were closed on the outside.  A blanket was nailed over the only door of the room, and every thing and every action showed that great secrecy was a most important factor of the assembly.

The large argand burner of a student’s lamp filled the small room with its white, strong light, The table was covered with railroad time-tables, maps, bits of paper, on which were written two names a great number of times, and pens of different makes and widths of point were scattered amidst the papers,

One man, a large, powerfully-built fellow, deep-chested, and long-limbed, was occupied in writing, again and again, the name of “J.B.  Barrett.”  He had covered sheet after sheet with the name, looking first at a letter before him, but was still far from satisfied.  “Damn a man who will make his ‘J’s’ in such a heathenish way.”

“Try it again, Wittrock,” said one of his companions.

“Curse you,” shouted the man called Wittrock.  “How often must I tell you not to call me that name.  By God, I’ll bore a hole through you yet, d’ye mind, now.”

“Oh, no harm been done, Cummings; no need of your flying in such a stew for nothing.  We’re all in the same box here, eh?”

“Well, you be more careful hereafter,” said “Cummings,” and again he bent to his laborious task of forging the name of “J.B.  Barrett.”

Nothing was heard for half an hour but the scratching of the pen, or the muttered curses of Cummings (as he was called).

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