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Ellis Wynne
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   With heavy heart the valiantest of men
   Lays low his head beneath th’ impending doom;
   In terror he descends death’s awsome glen;
   While there appear flashing through the gloom
   The lurid shades of deeds which in the bloom
   Of youth he dared; at last the conscience cries
   With ruthless voice:  “There’s life beyond the tomb;”
   His dying thoughts all vanities despise
As on the threshold of Eternity he lies.

   The heavy heart that suffers all such grief
   May, while the breath of life doth still remain,
   Hope for a joyous peace and blest relief;
   But if grim Death his fated victim gain,
   Woe’s him that entereth the realm of pain —
   For e’er on him its frowning portals close,
   Nor gleam of hope shall he perceive again,
   For in that vast eternal night he knows
A woe awaits that far surpasseth earthly woes.

   The heavy heart beneath its weight is crushed,
   And at its very name—­Damnation writ,
   All men their vain and froward clamors hushed;
   But when within the fiery gaping pit
   Whose flaming ramparts none will ever quit,
   Above the thunder’s roar th’ accursed host
   Raise such loud cries, it passeth human wit
   To dream of aught so dire, for at the most,
All woes of earth as pleasures seem unto the lost.

   From every vain complaining, cease, my friend,
   Since thou art yet not numbered with the dead
   But turn thy thoughts unto thy destined end,
   Behold thy Fates spin out the vital thread,
   And often as thy mind to Hell be led,
   To contemplate the doleful gloom aglow,
   There will forthwith possess thee such a dread,
   Which Christ’s unbounded mercy doth bestow,
Lest thou be doomed to that eternal realm of woe.


{0} The genealogical tables in the book are in graphic form.  They are reproduced here in a more textual format—­DP.


(I am indebted to E. H. Owen, Esqr., F.S.A., Tycoch, Carnarvon, for most of the information comprised in the following Tables.)

William Wynne {00a} = Catherine {00b}
Ellis Wynne {00c} = Lowri {00d}
Edward Wynne = . . . heiress of Glasynys
Ellis Wynne = Lowri Llwyd {00e}                  Daughter
|                       |     |         |       |
William {00f} = {00v}   |     |         |       |
|      Ellis Catherine Edward   Mary = Robert Owen
|      {00g}  {00h}    {00i}             {00j}
|                         |
Daughter=Robert Puw          |
|                +---+--------------+
John Wynne Puw {00x}      |                  |
|                     |                  |
+----+--------+                    Ellis {00k}     Frances
|    |                              |
|  John     +----------+-----+------+-----------+-------------+
|           |          |     |      |           |             |
Robert      Elizabeth  Ann  Edward  John {00l}  Francis     Ellis


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