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The problem is insoluble.  The body is harnessed to a brain.  Beauty goes hand in hand with stupidity.  There she sat staring at the fire as she had stared at the broken mustard-pot.  In spite of defending indecency, Jacob doubted whether he liked it in the raw.  He had a violent reversion towards male society, cloistered rooms, and the works of the classics; and was ready to turn with wrath upon whoever it was who had fashioned life thus.

Then Florinda laid her hand upon his knee.

After all, it was none of her fault.  But the thought saddened him.  It’s not catastrophes, murders, deaths, diseases, that age and kill us; it’s the way people look and laugh, and run up the steps of omnibuses.

Any excuse, though, serves a stupid woman.  He told her his head ached.

But when she looked at him, dumbly, half-guessing, half-understanding, apologizing perhaps, anyhow saying as he had said, “It’s none of my fault,” straight and beautiful in body, her face like a shell within its cap, then he knew that cloisters and classics are no use whatever.  The problem is insoluble.


About this time a firm of merchants having dealings with the East put on the market little paper flowers which opened on touching water.  As it was the custom also to use finger-bowls at the end of dinner, the new discovery was found of excellent service.  In these sheltered lakes the little coloured flowers swam and slid; surmounted smooth slippery waves, and sometimes foundered and lay like pebbles on the glass floor.  Their fortunes were watched by eyes intent and lovely.  It is surely a great discovery that leads to the union of hearts and foundation of homes.  The paper flowers did no less.

It must not be thought, though, that they ousted the flowers of nature.  Roses, lilies, carnations in particular, looked over the rims of vases and surveyed the bright lives and swift dooms of their artificial relations.  Mr. Stuart Ormond made this very observation; and charming it was thought; and Kitty Craster married him on the strength of it six months later.  But real flowers can never be dispensed with.  If they could, human life would be a different affair altogether.  For flowers fade; chrysanthemums are the worst; perfect over night; yellow and jaded next morning—­not fit to be seen.  On the whole, though the price is sinful, carnations pay best;—­it’s a question, however, whether it’s wise to have them wired.  Some shops advise it.  Certainly it’s the only way to keep them at a dance; but whether it is necessary at dinner parties, unless the rooms are very hot, remains in dispute.  Old Mrs. Temple used to recommend an ivy leaf—­just one—­dropped into the bowl.  She said it kept the water pure for days and days.  But there is some reason to think that old Mrs. Temple was mistaken.

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