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Clara’s moors were fine enough.  The Phoenicians slept under their piled grey rocks; the chimneys of the old mines pointed starkly; early moths blurred the heather-bells; cartwheels could be heard grinding on the road far beneath; and the suck and sighing of the waves sounded gently, persistently, for ever.

Shading her eyes with her hand Mrs. Pascoe stood in her cabbage-garden looking out to sea.  Two steamers and a sailing-ship crossed each other; passed each other; and in the bay the gulls kept alighting on a log, rising high, returning again to the log, while some rode in upon the waves and stood on the rim of the water until the moon blanched all to whiteness.

Mrs. Pascoe had gone indoors long ago.

But the red light was on the columns of the Parthenon, and the Greek women who were knitting their stockings and sometimes crying to a child to come and have the insects picked from its head were as jolly as sand-martins in the heat, quarrelling, scolding, suckling their babies, until the ships in the Piraeus fired their guns.

The sound spread itself flat, and then went tunnelling its way with fitful explosions among the channels of the islands.

Darkness drops like a knife over Greece.

“The guns?” said Betty Flanders, half asleep, getting out of bed and going to the window, which was decorated with a fringe of dark leaves.

“Not at this distance,” she thought.  “It is the sea.”

Again, far away, she heard the dull sound, as if nocturnal women were beating great carpets.  There was Morty lost, and Seabrook dead; her sons fighting for their country.  But were the chickens safe?  Was that some one moving downstairs?  Rebecca with the toothache?  No.  The nocturnal women were beating great carpets.  Her hens shifted slightly on their perches.


“He left everything just as it was,” Bonamy marvelled.  “Nothing arranged.  All his letters strewn about for any one to read.  What did he expect?  Did he think he would come back?” he mused, standing in the middle of Jacob’s room.

The eighteenth century has its distinction.  These houses were built, say, a hundred and fifty years ago.  The rooms are shapely, the ceilings high; over the doorways a rose or a ram’s skull is carved in the wood.  Even the panels, painted in raspberry-coloured paint, have their distinction.

Bonamy took up a bill for a hunting-crop.

“That seems to be paid,” he said.

There were Sandra’s letters.

Mrs. Durrant was taking a party to Greenwich.

Lady Rocksbier hoped for the pleasure....

Listless is the air in an empty room, just swelling the curtain; the flowers in the jar shift.  One fibre in the wicker arm-chair creaks, though no one sits there.

Bonamy crossed to the window.  Pickford’s van swung down the street.  The omnibuses were locked together at Mudie’s corner.  Engines throbbed, and carters, jamming the brakes down, pulled their horses sharp up.  A harsh and unhappy voice cried something unintelligible.  And then suddenly all the leaves seemed to raise themselves.

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