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“That’s awfully nice of you,” said Patty, smiling at him.  “I’ve often thought I’d get up something of that sort.”

“We might have it here,” said Nan, “unless you mean to invite more people than we could take care of.”

“I’d like to have it here,” said Patty; “the drawing-room would easily seat sixty or seventy in an audience,—­perhaps more.  And I don’t believe we could find more than that to invite.  Although I know of a girls’ club that I’d like to invite as a whole.”

“It’s a pretty big thing you’re getting up, Pattikins,” said Mr. Fairfield, smiling kindly at his enthusiastic daughter, “but if you think you can swing it, go ahead.  I’ll help all I can.”

“It would upset the house terribly,” said Nan; “but I don’t mind that.  I’m with you, Patty.  Let’s do it.”

“If you’re shy on the programme, I can get one or two fellows to help us out,” said Cameron.  “A chum of mine warbles a good baritone and I’m dead sure he’d like to help.”

“I’m really a perfectly good singer,” said Mr. Fairfield, “but my voice is not appreciated nowadays.  So I’m going to decline all requests to sing, however insistent.  But I’ll help you out this way, Patsy-Poppet.  I’ll set up the supper for the whole crowd.”

“Oh, daddy, how good you are!” and Patty leaned over to give her father’s hand an affectionate squeeze.  “It will be just lovely!  We’ll give those people a real musical treat, and a lovely supper to wind up with.  Really, Mr. Cameron, you are to be thanked for all this, for you first suggested it.  Our club has never done such a big thing before.  I know the girls will be delighted!”

Unable to wait, Patty flew to the telephone and called up Mona, who was one of the most earnest workers of the club.  As she had fore-seen, Mona was greatly pleased, and they immediately planned a meeting for the next morning to perfect the arrangements.

“And incidentally, and aside from giving a musical entertainment to your poor but worthy young friends, won’t you go with me next week to enjoy some music yourself?” said Cameron to Patty, as he was about to take leave.

“Where?” she asked.

“I want to have a little opera party.  Only half a dozen of us.  The Hepworths will be our chaperons, and if you will go, I’ll ask my cousin Marie and Mr. Harper.”

“Why not Mr. Van Reypen?” said Patty, mischievously.

“Me deadly rival! never! nevaire! how could you cruelly suggest it?”

“I didn’t mean it.  Forget it,” and Patty smiled at him.

“All right, it’s forgotten, but don’t ever let such a thing occur again!”

And then Mr. Cameron reluctantly took himself off.



Somehow or other Mr. Cameron immediately became a prominent factor in the Fairfield household.  He appeared frequently, and even more frequently he telephoned or he wrote notes or he sent flowers or messages, until Patty declared he was everlastingly under foot!

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