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“Yes,” said Patty, drily.  “But you don’t sing much, Elise.”

“Oh, of course I don’t sing like you do, but I have a fairly decent voice.”

“But how mysterious it is.  What does he know about you?”

“I don’t know.  It is mysterious.  He wouldn’t tell Marie anything except that he wanted to know the name of the girl he described; and he said she must be friendly enough with Marie to call her up on the telephone in the middle of the night.”

“But did you do that?” asked Patty, who was really shaking with laughter.

“Yes; I called her up last night after I got home from the party, because I’d left my spangled scarf there, and I wanted her to put it away safely for me.”

“I always leave things at a party, too,” said Patty, looking innocent.  “I left my fan at Marie’s last night.  So I went there to-day and got it.”

“Well, I thought I’d better telephone, for so many girls leave things and they get scattered or lost.”

“Well, what did your telephoning have to do with Mr. Cameron?”

“I don’t know; that’s the queer part of it.  Perhaps the wires were crossed and he heard me talking.”

“H’m,” said Patty, “perhaps he did.  When are you going to meet him, Elise?”

“I don’t know; but Marie says she’ll have a few friends to tea some day soon, and she’ll ask him.  She says it’ll have to be a very small tea, because he hates to meet people.”

“Why doesn’t she have just you two?  I think it would be more romantic.”

“Oh, nonsense.  This isn’t romance.  I think Mr. Cameron is a freak, anyway.  But it’s all amusing, and I hope you’ll be at the tea, yourself, Patty.”

“I will if I’m asked,” said Patty.



It was the day of Christine’s home-coming, and Patty was busy as a bee preparing for the great event.  The pretty apartment where the Hepworths were to live was all furnished and equipped, but Patty was looking after the dainty appointments of a party.

Not a large party, only about a dozen of their own set.  Nan was there, too, and Elise Farrington, and they were arranging flowers in bowls and jars and vases, till the rooms were a bower of blossoms.

“What time will they arrive?” said Elise.

“We expected them about six o’clock,” returned Patty; “but I had a telegram, and their train is delayed, so they can’t get here until nine.  So I want the party all assembled when they come.  It’s five now, and everything’s about done, so we can scoot home and get some dinner and get dressed, and be back here before they arrive.  I’ll be here by half-past eight, for the caterers are coming then, and I want to see about the table.”

So they all went home to dress, and before half-past eight Patty was back again.

There were two maids already installed, but Patty found plenty to do in superintending matters, and she hadn’t much more than completed the decorations of the table, when the guests began to come.

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