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At the side, in front of the flanking Italian Towers, are erica and epacris, in lavenders and pinks, accented by deep lavender pansies.

The tiny border to the beds is myrtus ugni.  The wallflowers, interspersed with Spanish and English iris, are massed thruout this court, with rhododendrons in the corners.  Against the foundations is pink-and-cream lantana.

The Palm is the strong feature of the court.  On either side the portal Italian cypresses have been used.

The lanterns in the corridors have been modeled from Roman lamps, and are particularly beautiful in perspective.

The Court of Flowers
Dedicated to the Oriental Fairy Tales.

This exquisite court is by Geo. Kelham of San Francisco, who came from New York just after the San Francisco fire to help in the reconstruction of the city.

He is a man of pronounced ability and has just won in the competition for plans for the new San Francisco Public Library.

The court is made one of great beauty by the collaborated work of Mr. Geo. Kelham, the architect; Mr. Jules Guerin, the colorist, and Mr. John McLaren of San Francisco, the chief of landscape gardening.

A loggia runs around the second story of the court, interrupted along the face by niches which hold “The Oriental Flower Girl,” designed by Mr. A. Stirling Calder of New York, but worked out in the studio of the Exposition.

Coupled columns, suggesting glacial ice, form a colonnade around three sides of the court, the fourth side opening into the Avenue of Palms.

As you walk down the main path of this court you are held spell-bound by the fairy-like appearance of the albizzia lophantha, trimmed four feet in height, the top of which branches out into a head five feet across.

One has the feeling of meeting fairies with their skirts out ready for the dance — a veritable fairy ballet.  Nothing could be more lovely than this remarkably treated tree.  The rich yellow fluff that will soon appear, lasting for some four to six weeks, will be one note of the yellow chord to be struck in this court-pansy, daffodil, albizzia, the orange and the yellow background of niches. (This floral music for March and April.)

A symphony in yellows.

The groups of trees at the north are the eugenia myrtifolia.

Every one appreciates the blessing of the trees and flowers, without which the Exposition would have lost much of its beauty.

The flowers used at the opening of the Exposition can alone be given, but these will serve to show the plan of arrangement.

The six lions are by Albert Laessle, who has many fine examples of his animal life in the Fine Arts Palace.

The fountain of Beauty and the Beast, which should have been placed in the Court of Palms, the Court of Occidental Fairy Tales, is by a young San Franciscan, Edgar Walters, whose fine bears can be seen in the Fine Arts Palace.

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