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Francis Darwin
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Ulex, or gorse, first-formed leaf of, 415

Uraria lagopus, vertical sinking of leaflets at night, 365

Vaucher, on the burying of the flower-heads of Trifolium subterraneum, 513;
on the protection of seeds, 517

Verbena melindres (?), circumnutation of stem, 210
—­, apogeotropic movement of stem, 495

Vicia faba, circumnutation of radicle, 29, 30 —­, of epicotyl, 31-33 —­, curvature of hypocotyl, 92 —­, sensitiveness of apex of radicle, 132-134 —­, of the tips of secondary radicles, 154 —­, of the primary radicle above the apex, 155-158 —­, various experiments, 135-143 —­, summary of results, 143-151 —­, power of an irritant on, compared with that of geotropism, 151-154 Vicia faba, circumnutation of leaves, 233-235 —­, circumnutation of terminal leaflet, 235 —­, effect of apogeotropism, 444 —­, effect of amputating the tips of radicles, 523 —­, regeneration of tips, 526 —­, short exposure to geotropic action, 527 —­, effects of amputating the tips obliquely, 528 —­, of cauterising the tips, 529 —­, of grease on the tips, 534

Vines, Mr., on cell growth, 3

Vries, De, on turgescence, 2; on epinasty and hyponasty, 6, 267, 268; the protection of hypocotyls during winter, 557; stolons apheliotropic, 108; the nyctitropic movement of leaves, 283; the position of leaves influenced by epinasty, their own weight and apogeotropism, 440; apogeotropism in petioles and midribs, 443; the stolons of strawberries, 454; the joints or pulvini of the Gramineae, 502


Watering, effect of, on Porlieria hygrometrica, 336-338

Wells, ‘Essay on Dew,’ 284, n.

Wiesner, Prof., on the circumnutation of the hypocotyl, 99, 100; on the hooked tip of climbing stems, 272; observations on the effect of bright sunshine on chlorophyll in leaves, 446; the effects of an intermittent light, 457; on aërial roots, 486; on special adaptations, 490

Wigandia, movement of leaves, 248

Williamson, Prof., on leaves of Drosera Capensis, 414

Wilson, Mr. A. S., on the movements of Swedish turnip leaves, 230, 298

Winkler on the protection of seedlings, 108

Wistaria Sinensis, leaflets depressed at night, 354
—­, circumnutation with lateral light, 452


Zea mays, circumnutation of cotyledon, 64 Zea mays, geotropic movement of radicles, 65 —­, sensitiveness of apex of radicle to contact, 177-179 —­, secondary radicles, 179 —­, heliotropic movements of seedling, 64, 421 —­, tips of radicles cauterised, 539

Zukal, on the movements of Spirulina, 259, n.


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