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Georg Ebers
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light, threw themselves on their knees, murmured a ‘Pater-noster,’ shouted their San Jago and pressed forward upon us.  We had seen them in time for the halberdiers to extend their pikes, and the musketeers to he down amid the grass.  So the Spaniards had a warm reception, and four of them fell in this attack.  We were superior in numbers, and their captain led them back to the ditch in good order.  There they halted, for their duty was probably to detain us and then have us cut down by a larger body.  We were too weak to drive them from their position, but when the east began to brighten and they still did not come forward, the captain advanced towards them with the drummer, bearing a white flag, and shouted to them in Italian, which he had learned to speak a little in Italy, that he wished the Castilian gentlemen good-morning, and if there was any officer with a sense of honor among them, let him come forth and meet a captain who wished to cross swords with him.  He pledged his word, that his men would look on at the duel without taking any share in it, no matter what the result might be.  Just at that moment two shots were fired from the ditch and the bullets whizzed close by the poor captain.  We called to him to save his life, but he did not stir, and shouted that they were cowards and assassins, like their king.

“Meantime it had grown tolerably light—­we heard them calling to and fro from the ditch, and just as Allertssohn was turning away, an officer sprang into the meadow, exclaiming:  ’Stand, braggart, and draw your blade.’

“The captain drew his Brescian sword, bowed to his enemy as if he were in the fencing-school, bent the steel and closed with the Castilian.  The latter was a thin man of stately figure and aristocratic bearing, and as it soon appeared, a dangerous foe.  He circled like a whirlwind, round the captain with bounds, thrusts and feints, but Allertssohn maintained his composure, and at first confined himself to skilful parrying.  Then he dealt a magnificent quarte, and when the other parried it, followed with the tierce, and this being warded off, gave with the speed of lightning a side-thrust such as only he can deal.  The Castilian fell on his knees, for the Brescian blade had pierced his lungs.  His death was speedy.

“As soon as he lay on the turf, the Spaniards again rushed upon us, but we repulsed them and took the officer’s body in our midst.  Never have I seen the captain so proud and happy.  You, Junker von Warmond, can easily guess the cause.  He had now done honor to his series in a genuine duel against an enemy of equal rank, and told me this was the happiest morning of his life.  Then he ordered us to march round the ditch and attack the enemy on the flank.  But scarcely had we begun to move, when the expected troops from Leyderdorp pressed forward, their loud San Jago resounding far and wide, while at the same time the old enemy rose from the ditch and attacked us.  Allertssohn rushed forward,

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