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“Triumph, the restored unity of Holy Church!” cried Quijada enthusiastically.

“For which I daily pray,” said the regent.  “But even if you succeeded in gaining a complete victory, if every church in city and country again belonged to the only faith by which we can obtain salvation, I shall still see them deprived of their holy vocation, for they will stand empty, because then the men who would rather die than abjure their delusion will be lying silent upon battlefields.”

“May they rot there!” cried the Spaniard.  “But we are not fighting only for to-day and tomorrow.  New generations will again fill churches and chapels.  We will shed the last drops of our blood to accomplish it, and every true Castilian thinks as I do.”

“I know it,” sighed the regent, “and it is not my business to preach to deaf ears.  But one thing more:  Do you know that his Majesty has just accepted the Marquise de Leria’s offer?”

“No; but I should be greatly indebted to your royal——­”

“Then listen,” the Queen hastily interrupted.  “In the suburb of Prebrunn, in a large garden, stands the pretty little castle of the Prince Prior of Berchtesgaden—­I don’t mean the one belonging to the worthy Trainer, on whose preserves we hunted once in April, and which is erroneously called here the ‘cassl.’  The reverend owner offered it to his Majesty to shelter a guest of high rank.  Now the marquise is to occupy it, because country air would benefit her.  The singer will establish herself under the noblewoman’s maternal care.  You know the Marquise de Leria’s huge litter, which was borne here by two strong mules that Ruy Gomez—­what will not people do to find out something?—­gave her.  The black ark, with the coats-of-arms of the De Lerias and the Duke of Rency on the back, the front, and both sides, is probably well known here.  At first the boys ran after the monster; now they are used to the thing, and no longer notice it.  But it is comfortable, and it can be opened.  When the old woman uses the litter the cover will be removed and people will see her; when it is closed, the most sharp-sighted can not discover who is within.  If his Majesty desires to go out to Prebrunn and return here, he will take it, and, even if his foot pains him, will reach his fair goal unseen.  The young girl consented yesterday to move there with the marquise, and directly after it will be your duty, aided by Master Adrian, to attend to the furnishing of the little castle.  I will aid you.  You will hear the particulars from his Majesty.  The marquise will take Barbara directly to the chapel, where the choir is to sing.  People must become accustomed to see and speak of the two together.  What would you think of an alliance between Leria and Blomberg?  If I see correctly, the old woman will train the girl to be a useful tool.”

“And if the tool cuts her fingers in the process,” said Quijada, “I shall be glad.”

“So shall I!” assented the Queen, laughing.  Then she dismissed the major-domo, and a short time later singing was heard in the chapel.

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