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Bowing as he spoke, he prepared to take leave of the Queen, but she detained him with the remark: 

“Our invitation went to Sir Wolf Hartschwert also.  He is a native of Ratisbon, and can aid you and the quartermasters in assigning lodgings.”

“A fresh proof of the wise caution of my august mistress,” replied Quijada.  “If your Majesty will permit, I should like to talk with my royal patroness about this man shortly.  I have something in my mind concerning him which can not be easily explained in a few words, especially as I know that the modest, trustworthy fellow——­”

“If what you have in view is for his benefit,” the Queen eagerly interrupted, “it is granted in advance.”

The promise reached Quijada just as he gained the threshold; ere he crossed it, Queen Mary called to him again, saying frankly:  “I will not let you go so, Luis!  You are an honest man, and I am ashamed to deceive you.  The cure of his Majesty’s melancholy is my principal object, it is true, but one half the expense of this medicine ought to be credited to me; for—­but do not tell the treasurer—­for it will afford me relief also.  I can endure these rooms no longer.  The forest is putting forth its first green leafage.  The birds are returning.  Red deer are plenty in the woods along the Danube.  I must get out of doors into the open air.  As matters are now, I could not leave his Majesty; but when the band and the boy choir are at his disposal, they will dispel his melancholy moods, and I can venture later to leave him to you and Malfalconnet, whose wit will be freshly seasoned by the payment of his debts.  O Luis! if only I can get out of doors!  Meanwhile, may music do for my imperial brother what we anticipate!  And one thing more:  Take Master Adrian with you.  I released him from attendance upon the Emperor until midnight.  It was no easy matter.  When you have provided the favourites of Apollo with lodgings, come to me again, however late the hour may be.  Sir Wolf Hartschwert must call early to-morrow morning.  The nuncio brought some new songs from Rome.  The music is too high for my voice, and the knight understands how to transpose the notes for me better than even the leader of the choir, Appenzelder.”


The April sun, ere it sank to rest, had won the victory and kindly dried the garments of the horsemen who were approaching Ratisbon by the Nuremberg road.

A young man who had ridden forward in advance of the great train of travellers behind him checked his steed above the village of Kneiting, just where the highway descended in many a curve to the valley of the Danube, and gazed at the landscape whose green spring leafage, freshened by rain, appeared before him.

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