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Georg Ebers
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The senator and his wife were only too glad to quit Egypt.  Martina, however, had the satisfaction of assisting at the marriage of her dear Heliodora on the shores of the Nile; not, indeed, to her “Great Sesostris,” but to her nephew Narses, who by the young widow’s devoted care was restored, if not to perfect vigor, at any rate to very endurable good health.

Paula’s wedding gift to her was the great emerald, which had meanwhile been brought back again to Memphis.  Justinus and Martina always remained on terms of cordial friendship with the young Mukaukas and his wife:  Nilus lived long after to perform his duties with industry and judgment; and whenever Haschim came to Alexandria there was a contest between Orion and Philippus, for neither would yield him to the other.  But Philip could no longer envy his former rival the wife he had won.  He had not, indeed, ceased to admire her; but at the same time he would say:  “My comfortable little Pulcheria has not her match; our rooms would be too small for Paula, but they suit my golden-haired girl best.”

He remained unselfishly devoted to his work till the end, and, when he saw Orion wearing himself out in energetic toil, he would often say:  “He knows now what life demands, and acts accordingly; and that is why he grows no older, and his laugh is as winning and gay as ever.  It is an honor to be called friend by a woman who like the Bride of the Nile. saved herself from certain death, and a man who, like the young Mukaukas, has freed himself from the heaviest of all curses.”

To this day the Bride of the Nile is not forgotten.  Before the river begins to rise on the Night of Dropping the inhabitants of the town of Cairo, which grew up after the ruin of Memphis, on the eastern shore by the side of Fostat, erect a figure of clay, representing a maiden form, which they call Aroosa or the Bride.


Sea-port was connected with Medina by a pigeon-post

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