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Georg Ebers
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“You could not commit a worse robbery upon yourself,” cried Myrtilus.  “I know you; nay, perhaps I see farther into your soul than you yourself.  By ingenious fetters you force the mighty winged intellect to content itself within the narrow world of reality.  But the time when you will yourself rend the bonds and find the divinity you have lost, will come, and then, with your mighty power once more free, you will outstrip most of us, and me also if I live to see it.”

Then he pressed his hand upon his rattling chest and walked slowly to the couch; but Hermon followed, helped him to lie down, and with affectionate solicitude arranged his pillows.

“It is nothing,” Myrtilus said soothingly, after a few minutes’ silence.  “My undermined strength has been heavily taxed to-day.  The Olympians know how calmly I await death.  It ends all things.  Nothing will be left of me except the ashes, to which you will reduce my body, and what you call ‘possession.’  But even this can no longer belong to me after death, because I shall then be no more, and the idea of possession requires a possessor.  My estate, too, is now disposed of.  I have just been to the notary, and sixteen witnesses—­neither more nor less—­have signed my will according to the custom of this ceremonious country.  There, now, if you please, go before me, and let me stay here alone a little while.  Remember me to Daphne and the Pelusinians.  I will join you in an hour.”


Cautious inquiry saves recantation
Nature is sufficient for us
There are no gods, and whoever bows makes himself a slave
Waiting is the merchant’s wisdom
Woman’s hair is long, but her wit is short

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