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of precepts and lessons which only a mother can give and a defiant young spirit will accept from her alone.  The hands of strangers had bound the sapling to a stake and it had shot straight upward, but a mother’s love would have ennobled it with carefully chosen grafts.  He had grown up beside another hearth than his parents’, yet the latter is the only true home for youth.  What marvel if he felt himself a stranger among his people.

Amid such thoughts a great sense of compassion stole over Joshua and, with it, the consciousness that he was deeply accountable for this youth who, for his sake, while on the way to bring him a message, had fallen into such sore misfortune.  But much as he longed to warn him once more against treason and perjury, he refrained, fearing to imperil his success.  Any noise might attract the attention of the guards, and he took as keen an interest in the attempt at liberation, as if Ephraim had made it at his suggestion.

So instead of annoying the youth with fruitless warnings, he kept watch for him; life had taught him that good advice is more frequently unheeded than followed, and only personal experiences possess resistless power of instruction.

The chief’s practiced eye soon showed him the way by which Ephraim, if fortune favored him, could escape.

He called softly, and directly after his nephew whispered: 

“I’ll loose your ropes, if you will hold up your hands to me.  Mine are free!”

Joshua’s tense features brightened.

The defiant lad was a noble fellow, after all, and risked his own chance in behalf of one who, if he escaped with him, threatened to bar the way in which, in youthful blindness, he hoped to find happiness.


Joshua gazed intently around him.  The sky was still bright, but if the north wind continued to blow, the clouds which seemed to be rising from the sea must soon cover it.

The air had grown sultry, but the guards kept awake and regularly relieved one another.  It was difficult to elude their attention; yet close by Ephraim’s couch, which his uncle, for greater comfort, had helped him make on the side of a gently sloping hill, a narrow ravine ran down to the valley.  White veins of gypsum and glittering mica sparkled in the moonlight along its bare edges.  If the agile youth could reach this cleft unseen, and crawl through as far as the pool of saltwater, overgrown with tall grass and tangled desert shrubs, at which it ended, he might, aided by the clouds, succeed.

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