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Georg Ebers
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“I was talking to the king about it to-day.  He had intended not to leave before the Massagetan war, and to go straight from Babylon into the field, but to-day’s embassy has changed matters; it is probable that there may be no war, and then we shall go to Susa three days after the king’s marriage—­that is, in one week from the present time.”

“To Susa?” cried the cup-bearer.  “It’s very little cooler there than here, and besides, the old Memnon’s castle is being rebuilt.”

“The satrap of Susa has just brought word that the new palace is finished, and that nothing so brilliant has ever been seen.  Directly Cambyses heard, it he said:  Then we will start for Susa three days after our marriage.  I should like to show the Egyptian Princess that we understand the art of building as well as her own ancestors.  She is accustomed to hot weather on the Nile, and will not find our beautiful Susa too warm.’  The king seems wonderfully fond of this woman.”

“He does indeed!  All other women have become perfectly indifferent to him, and he means soon to make her his queen.”

“That is unjust; Phaedime, as daughter of the Achaemenidae, has an older and better right.”

“No doubt, but whatever the king wishes, must be right.”

“The ruler’s will is the will of God.”

“Well said!  A true Persian will kiss his king’s hand, even when dripping with the blood of his own child.”

“Cambyses ordered my brother’s execution, but I bear him no more ill-will for it than I should the gods for depriving me of my parents.  Here, you fellows! draw the curtains back; the guests are coming.  Look sharp, you dogs, and do your duty!  Farewell, Artabazos, we shall have warm work to-night.”


Death is so long and life so short
No man was allowed to ask anything of the gods for himself
Take heed lest pride degenerate into vainglory

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