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Georg Ebers
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“It was a pretext,” said Katuti.  “He wishes to speak to you about the matter which you know of with regard to Paaker.  What is it?”

“Do not ask,” replied Nemu, “I ought not to betray it.  By Besa, who protects us dwarfs, it is better that thou shouldst never know it.”

“For to-day I have learned enough that is new to me,” retorted Katuti.  “Now go to Ani, and if you are able to throw Paaker entirely into his power—­good—­I will give—­but what have I to give away?  I will be grateful to you; and when we have gained our end I will set you free and make you rich.”

Nemu kissed her robe, and said in a low voice:  “What is the end?”

“You know what Ani is striving for,” answered the widow.  “And I have but one wish!”

“And that is?”

“To see Paaker in Mena’s place.”

“Then our wishes are the same,” said the dwarf and he left the Hall.

Katuti looked after him and muttered: 

“It must be so.  For if every thing remains as it was and Mena comes home and demands a reckoning—­it is not to be thought of!  It must not be!”


Ardently they desire that which transcends sense
Every misfortune brings its fellow with it
Medicines work harm as often as good
No good excepting that from which we expect the worst
Obstinacy—­which he liked to call firm determination
Only the choice between lying and silence
Patronizing friendliness
Principle of over-estimating the strength of our opponents
Provide yourself with a self-devised ruler
Successes, like misfortunes, never come singly
The beginning of things is not more attractive

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