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BILLY BRADLEY . . . . . .  Alias “The Eel.” 
DAN MCCARTHY  . . . . . .  Inspector of Police. 
TIM DUGAN . . . . . . . .  Lieutenant of Police. 
JAMES O’MARA. . . . . . .  Desk Lieutenant. 
OFFICER FLYNN . . . . . .  Patrolman. 
BOBBY PERKINS . . . . . .  A Police Reporter. 
HAROLD BROOKTHORNE  . . .  A Cub Reporter. 
MR. INBAD . . . . . . . .  A Souse. 
JIM, TOM  . . . . . . . .  Central Office Men. 
JANITRESS . . . . . . . .  At 327 East Broadway. 
GOLDIE MARSHALL . . . . .  The Eel’s “Gal.”

Policemen, Citizens, Morbid Crowds, Etc.



Door C. Door L. 2nd E. leading below to cells.  Windows in flat R. and L. showing two green lights in front of Station.  Street backing, showing the other side of Street.  Bench at L. window, chair at R. window.  Small platform R. 2, with desk, railing, etc.  Chairs on Platform.

AT RISE:  (O’Mara at desk speaking through telephone.  PERKINS in chair R., writing.  FLYNN searching INBAD, who is intoxicated.)

O’MARA:  (Speaking through ’phone.) All right!  Good-bye! (Puts ’phone down.) Take him down, that fellow is a champion souse.

INBAD:  (As FLYNN is jerking him off L.) Thatsh what I am, and I’ll defend my title against all comers. (Exit INBAD followed by FLYNN.)

PERKINS:  (Coming R. to O’MARA.) That Worthington robbery will make a corking story, if it’s true. (Starts for door C.)

O’MARA:  Well, why don’t you wait till the pinch comes off and then get the story for sure?

PERKINS:  Your word’s good enough.

O’MARA:  But I haven’t given you me word.  I don’t know whether they’ve nailed him yet or not.

PERKINS:  (Coming back to desk railing R.) (Disappointed.) Oh, I thought you said they’d got him.

O’MARA:  That’s the way you reporters twist everything.  I said “Dugan was after him,” that’s all.

PERKINS:  Well, that’s as good as got him; anything Dugan sets out to get, comes pretty near materializing. (Starts C., stops on meeting BROOKY, who enters door C.) Hello!  Brooky!  Just in time.  Here’s a chance for you to distinguish yourself in your new capacity.

BROOKY:  (Coming C.) Got a story?

PERKINS:  A pippin!  Listen to this. (Reads from notes.) “Police fishing.  Make a big haul!  Throw out the dragnet and once more capture the Eel.”  A very slippery article.

BROOKY:  I don’t understand.

PERKINS:  Oh, can’t you understand, the Eel is the nickname, the alias of one of the slickest crooks in the country, Billy Bradley.

BROOKY:  Billy Bradley?  Oh yes, I’ve heard of him.

PERKINS:  Well, that’s the Eel.

BROOKY:  Oh I see; well, what about him?

PERKINS:  He’s been taken, or at least is going to be.

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