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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 421 pages of information about Writing for Vaudeville.

FALLON:  Don’t go near that room. (With his left hand he quickly turns the key in the door.) Don’t lock that door!  Don’t lock that door!  Kelly, he’s locked the door. (He draws the revolver from his left pocket.  KELLY is heard shaking the handle of the door, and beating upon the panel.  FALLON speaks in a whisper.) I told you, you’d never leave this room, Mr. Mohun. (In a loud, excited tone.) Drop that gun.  Drop that gun.  Don’t point that gun at me! (Still smiling mockingly at MOHUN, FALLON shoots twice through his own coat on the left side, throws the gun at MOHUN’S feet, and drawing his automatic pistol, shoves it against MOHUN’S stomach and fires.  MOHUN falls back into the Morris chair dead.) (Shouts loudly.) Break in the door.  Break in the door. (From his pocket he takes the envelope containing the cheque, and sticks it into the inside pocket of MOHUN’S coat.  Then turns to table, right, as KELLY bursts open the door and sees MOHUN.)

KELLY:  My God, Mr. Fallon.  I told you to give me that gun!

FALLON:  Have I hurt him?

KELLY:  (Bending over body.) Hurt him?  You’ve killed him! (FALLON with his face turned from KELLY, smiles.  He speaks with pretended emotion.) Killed him?  Here, you’re an officer. (Throws gun on table.) I give myself up. (KELLY runs to hand telephone.  FALLON picks up his cigar from the table and a box of matches.  Starts to light cigar, but seeing KELLY at ’phone hesitates and listens eagerly.)

KELLY:  (To ’phone.) Send the hotel doctor here.  Quick!  Mr. Fallon’s wounded. (To FALLON.) Are you badly hurt? (FALLON places his left hand on his left hip under the coat and removes it showing the fingers covered with blood.)

FALLON:  Only scratched.

KELLY:  (To ’phone.) Some crank tried to shoot him up.  Mr. Fallon fired back and killed him. (Pause.) No!  Mr. Fallon killed him!  (Pause.) Of course, in self-defense, you fool, of course, in self-defense! (KELLY slams back the receiver, and rising quickly, turns to the right and stands with hands on his hips, and back to audience, gazing down at MOHUN.  He does not once look at FALLON.)

FALLON:  (On hearing the words “in self-defense” sighs, smiles and striking the match, lights the cigar as



Author, producer and star of “The Star Bout,” “The
Futurity Winner,” “The Yellow Streak,” Etc., Etc.


Author of “The Marital          Author of “The Winning
Coach,” “Neighbors,” “Coon    Widows,” “When We Grow
Town Divorcons,” Etc., Etc.       Up,” Etc., Etc.



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