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The night time, the night time is calling me,
  It’s dream-time, sweet dream-time, for you and me. 
I’m longing, I’m longing to close my eyes,
  For there a sweet vision lies.


My little dream girl,
You pretty dream girl,
Sometimes I seem, girl, to own your heart. 
Each night you haunt me,
By day you taunt me,
I want you, I want you, I need you so. 
Don’t let me waken,
Learn I’m mistaken,
Find my faith shaken, in you, sweetheart. 
I’d sigh for,
I’d cry for, sweet dreams forever,
My little dream girl, good-night.

While shadows are creeping through darkest night,
  In dream-land, sweet dream-land, there’s your love-light. 
It’s beaming, it’s gleaming, and all for me,
  Your vision I long to see.


Lyric by                       Music by
BRETT PAGE                    SOL.  P. LEVY

Oh, those happy days, when first we met, before you
  said good-bye,
You soon forgot, I can’t forget, no matter how I try,
Those happy hours like incense burn,
  They’re all that’s left for me,
You took my heart and in return
  You gave a memory.

Oh, memories, dear memories, of days I can’t forget,
Dear memories, sweet memories, my eyes with tears grow wet,
  For like a rose that loves the sun,
  And left to die when day is done,
  I gave my all, the heart you won,
Sweetheart, I can’t forget.

In all my dreams I dream of you, your arms enfold
  me, dear. 
Your tender voice makes dreams seem true, your
  lips to mine are near. 
But when I turn your kiss to take,
  You turn away from me,
In bitter sadness I awake,
  Awake to memory.

Oh, memories, dear memories, a face I can’t forget,
Oh, memories, sweet memories, a voice that haunts me yet,
  For like a rose that loves the sun,
  And left to die when day is done,
  I gave my all, the heart you won,
Sweetheart, I can’t forget.


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On the old farm-house veranda
There sat Silas and Miranda,
  Thinking of the days gone by. 
Said he “Dearie, don’t be weary,
You were always bright and cheery,
  But a tear, dear, dims your eye.” 
Said she, “They’re tears of gladness,
Silas, they’re not tears of sadness,
  It is fifty years today since we were wed.” 
Then the old man’s dim eyes brightened,
And his stern old heart it lightened,
  As he turned to her and said: 


“Put on your old grey bonnet with the blue ribbons
on it,
While I hitch old Dobbin to the shay,
And through the fields of clover, we’ll drive up to Dover,
  On our Golden Wedding Day.”

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