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[Here, Mozart illustrates with about 20 measures of music]


Rome, April 14, 1770.

I am thankful to say that my stupid pen and I are all right, so we send a thousand kisses to you both.  I wish that my sister were in Rome, for this city would assuredly delight her, because St. Peter’s is symmetrical, and many other things in Rome are also symmetrical.  Papa has just told me that the loveliest flowers are being carried past at this moment.  That I am no wiseacre is pretty well known.

Oh!  I have one annoyance—­there is only a single bed in our lodgings, so mamma may easily imagine that I get no rest beside papa.  I rejoice at the thoughts of a new lodging.  I have just finished sketching St. Peter with his keys, St. Paul with his sword, and St. Luke with—­my sister, &c., &c.  I had the honor of kissing St. Peter’s foot at San Pietro, and as I have the misfortune to be so short, your good old


was lifted up!


Rome, April 21, 1770.

Cara sorella mia,—­

Pray try to find the “Art of Ciphering” which you copied out, but I have lost it, and know nothing about it.  So pray do write it out again for me, with some other copies of sums, and send them to me here.

Manzuoli has entered into a contract with the Milanese to sing in my opera [see Nos. 2-6].  For this reason he sang four or five arias to me in Florence, and also some of my own, which I was obliged to compose in Milan (none of my theatrical things having been heard there) to prove that I was capable of writing an opera.  Manzuoli asks 1000 ducats.  It is not yet quite certain whether Gabrielli will come.  Some say Madame de’ Amicis will sing in it; we shall see her in Naples.  I wish that she and Manzuoli could act together; we should then be sure of two good friends.  The libretto is not yet chosen.  I recommended one of Metastasio’s to Don Ferdinando [Count Firmiani’s steward, in Milan] and to Herr von Troyer.  I am at this moment at work on the aria “Se ardore e speranza.”


Rome, April 25, 1770.

Cara sorella mia,—­

Io vi accerto che io aspetto con una incredibile premura tutte le giornate di posta qualche lettere di Salisburgo.  Jeri fummo a S. Lorenzo e sentimmo il Vespero, e oggi matina la messa cantata, e la sera poi il secondo vespero, perche era la festa della Madonna del Buonconsiglio.  Questi giorni fummi nel Campidoglio e viddemmo varie belle cose.  Se io volessi scrivere tutto quel che viddi, non bastarebbe questo foglietto.  In due Accademie suonai, e domani suonero anche in una.—­Subito dopo pranzo giuochiamo a Potsch [Boccia].  Questo e un giuoco che imparai qui, quando verro a casa, ve l’imparero.  Finita questa lettera finiro una sinfonia mia, che comminciai.  L’aria e finita, una sinfonia e dal copista (il quale e il mio padre) perche noi non la vogliamo dar via per copiarla; altrimente ella sarebbe rubata.

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